Thursday, October 30, 2008

Top 5 Talking Points the Obama Campaign is Ignoring

5. Where is the emphasis on the real skinny (and I mean skinny) behind McCain's health care plan? Why don't I hear Obama or Biden or an ad running every 5 seconds reminding me that McCain's 'tax credit' for an INDIVIDUAL is $2500? A $2500 tax credit for health insurance in an unregulated industry is supposed to buy me what? A coffin?

4. Who cares about George W. Bush anymore? The man's life is an Oliver Stone movie while he's still in office. Everyone who understands that link, understands it. Why aren't you zooming in on McCain? McCain has nothing positive going for him except martyrdom and name recognition. That's it. He's not a scholar or a gentleman. People who have respect for our military THINK before they send them into harm's way. McCain is standing in front of bused in crowds chanting, "Fight, fight, fight!" We need to, "Think, think, think!" If you want to compare him to Bush, that's your analogy right there. We've had 8 years of arrogance; we don't need 4 years of impulsive rage on top of it.

3. Remember Fantasy Island? Remember Mr. Rourke and his little sidekick 'Tattoo?' Remember his constant alarm, "De plane! De plane!" Okay, here's the new alarm, "De-meanor, demeanor!" Run this ad: (insert male announcer and not that Amityville Horror creepy chick that does McCain's ad. Every time she talks, blood starts running down my walls.)

"John McCain is worried about Barack Obama sitting down with evil dictator's without preconditions? John McCain can't even sit down with Barack Obama without...." (insert debate montage of every childish and disrespectful smirk, eye roll, and face pull McCain made.) "If John McCain can't control himself in a debate in the United States, how can we trust him to lead this nation?"

Because honestly, McCain, with all due respect, you've been in public life and on TV long enough to learn how to control yourself. You're going to look at Putin's 'ugly head' the wrong way one day and it's curtains for us. You looked into Putin's eyes and saw 'KGB;' we look into yours and see 'PTSD.' (Respectfully, you really need help.)

2. The pie analogy. Let's bake a real pie here because everybody loves pie. Let's look at the pie the McCain/Palin are baking for you. Do you want a bite of it? You're not sure? Why not? Is it because you don't know which piece is yours? Are you white or black, rich or poor, Christian or Satan, gay or straight, pro-America or anti-America? Are you pro-gun or anti-gun, sweet or bitter, short or tall, a domestic terrorist or Joe the Plumber? Gee, your piece of the pie is probably too cold to eat now, isn't it? Next time, come to my house. The pie will be warm and you can have WHATEVER PIECE YOU WANT.

1. Taxes? Taxes, really? You're going to let this be about taxes? Why aren't you running testimontial ads right now that say:

"I'm voting for Barack Obama because I'm not an idiot. I refuse to accept the fact that my tax dollars are good enough to fund a represhensible war and yet are somehow not good enough to provide health care, education, and decent roads and bridges for me and my family."


"I'm voting for Barack Obama because he understands that a we can fight and win all the wars we want to 'keep us safe,' but if there's no 'us' when we're done, then what's the point?"


"I'm voting for Barack Obama because the Alaskans that CAN see Russian from their house have never actually SEEN Sarah Palin or a dentist or running water."

OR, and finally...

"I'm voting for Barack Obama because it's time to move forward and leave division to the math teachers."

I feel better now.

Peace out, Lori

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