Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Pear of Treasuries made Jan 29...

Click on each image to visit the Treasury!

Who will you PEAR up with this Valentine's Day?
Tangible Sincerity...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Recent Handmade Purchase--Jersey Screen Printed Scarves

Well, it's time to divulge some more favorite handmade purchases of late! So here's a little tidbit about me: I'm a very hot-natured person. I'm never the person sitting in a restaurant or the movies complaining about being too cold. In fact, my hands stay so warm that friends have used me as their personal heater when they come in from the cold. Because I'm always toasty, I miss out on some really cool accessories because I'm afraid if I don them, I'll explode. Well, this winter in NC has been particularly chilly; we've had more snow and wind than we usually have the entire winter, and it's not even February yet, so I decided to buy a scarf I'd had my eye on and give it a shot. Result? FULL ON SCARF-LOVE. Jersey knit scarves are light-weight because they're made out of t-shirt material, and I often just wear a scarf and no jacket because it keeps me warm enough! Here are the ones I bought...

(I bought this in black with a white print.)

(no, that's not me, lol)

I'm addicted to these scarves now because they're so super soft and lightweight and pretty. One of the really cool things about this type of scarf is that artists can print their own designs on them, so it's like walking around with warm, cozy, functional art! I have my eye on some others right now, but I'm trying to pinch my pennies.

Hope you enjoyed! Be nosy and see what else I've bought and bragged about!


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Valentine Gifts for Everyone on Your List...

Over the past year, I've really expanded my product lines to include gifts for everyone on your list (and that fit within your budget!).  Here are a few...

For the bird watcher...

For the dancer...

For the frazzled...

For the equestrian...

 For the fashion forward...

For the reliable...

For the photographer...

For the geeky girl...

For the golfer...

For the treasured...

For the break dancer...

For the party girl (or guy)...

For the hockey fan...

For the scientist...

For those addicted to chocolate...

This is just a sample of what's available in my shop.  You'll find gifts for the tennis, soccer, volleyball, baseball, football and basketball fan, the gardener, the liberal, your family, the musician, the teacher, the devoted, the reader, the writer, the crafter, the cyclist, and many, many more!  All jewelry ships free to the U.S. with a $2 flate rate to Canada, and a $3.95 flat rate elsewhere.  Enjoy!


Friday, January 14, 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Craft Juice Finds, Fresh Squeezed 1/11/11

Well, the holidays have come and gone, and I've finally recuperated from hammering my brains out, so it's time to squeeze some new Craft Juice Finds! Valentine's Day is soon approaching, so here are some love inspired finds...

Learn to make your own adorable crocheted hearts!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Recent Handmade Purchase - Ballet Recital Outfit for American Girl Doll

It's time again to brag about a recent Etsy purchase that I'm VERY happy with...or rather my 4-year-old niece is.  Christmas 2009 saw the arrival of American Girl dolls to my three nieces and ever since, it's been a joy to find cute handmade clothes for them on Etsy.  This time I bought this adorable ballet recital outfit because my niece is all about dance.

The dress comes from Polkie Dot Designs and it's even prettier than the picture.  The little tights and ballet slippers really make a niece touch.  I'll definitely keep this shop bookmarked and come back for more.  Kathy (the shop owner) has some really cool outfits!  Here are a couple of my favorites:

Hope you like this peek at what I bought. Stay tuned for me and be nosy and see what else I've bought and bragged about!


Friday, January 7, 2011

Recent Handmade Purchase - The Zoological Garden - Christmas Candy TWO Tough Cat catnip kick pillows

Well, the holidays have come and gone, and I think I've survived them, not completely sure yet. I was so busy that I didn't have time to do my regular posts about the awesome handmade things I've bought lately either for myself or as gifts. I'm going to be doing several of these posts this month because I have lots to share with you!

Today's post is about a gift I got for my kitties! During the holidays, I felt so bad that I didn't have time to sit down and just play with them, so I decided to get them some Christmas-inspired catnip kick pillows from The Zoological Garden on Etsy. Here's a pic:

Aren't they adorable? Jenny (the shop owner) was even nice enough to accommodate my request for a little less organic catnip than is standard for these pillows. My cats tend to have a rather psychotic reaction to huge amounts, so she cut it in half for me. Worked perfectly!

I have to admit though that the ribbon that came with them has gotten even more play time, lol. It is currently carried around my both of my cats like it's their blanky. I think that's pretty cute!

Hope you like this peek at what I bought. Stay tuned for me and be nosy and see what else I've bought and bragged about!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Complete List of Weapon of Choice options

As I've blogged about previously, the Weapon of Choice series in my shop is a huge hit!  I'm always on the lookout for new additions, and the list has grown considerably!  Here's a couple of the newest additions:

And just in time for Valentine's Day...

As of today, 1/6/11, here's a full list of what I have available as 'weapons.'  I also make Weapon of Choice necklaces for those that don't prefer a key chain.

ballet slippers
beer (various)
binoculars (brass)
boom box
cell phone
cheer leading
chocolate (Hershey bar)
cowboy boot (brass)
dental mirror
golf clubs
hammer (brass)
hand cuffs
hand mixer
hockey stick
hope (awareness ribbon)
musical note
medical Caduceus
paint brush
piano (brass)
pick up truck
purse (brass)
remote control
rolling pin
saw (brass)
scales of justice
skein of yarn
sneaker (brass)
soccer ball
television (brass)
tennis racket
toothbrush in cup
trombone (brass)
trowel (brass)
vodka (Smirnoff can)
watering can
whiskey (Jack Daniel's can)
woman’s shoe
wrench (brass)

*Whew* I think that's enough for the time being!