Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good-bye 2009. Me Likey, Me No Likey

Well, it's time for the last blog post of 2009, so I'd thought I do a little recap of what made me happy this year and what didn't.

What me likey about 2009 (in not particular order):

*Having a president who's intelligent, knows the English language, and is respected throughout the world.
*My customers!
*Having Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. I think she's doing an amazing job. She makes me smile.
*Launching the Handmade Highway. It's 6 months old and has over 350 members, and it was featured in the year-end double-issue of Gift Beat!
*Spending quality time with my adorable nieces and getting closer to my sister.
*Finally watching an episode of Project Runway and realizing that it's not Project Runaway as I'd previously thought. I was expecting a documentary about homeless kids. (We finally got Bravo here.)
*Adding some real cool pieces to my Risky Beads shop, like Taco Salad, Autumn Orchard, Linguistic Courage and Winter Sugar.
*Mad Men, Hoarders, Modern Family, So You Think You Can Dance, Glee, Men of a Certain Age, CSI anywhere, Criminal Minds, and any other show that I'm addicted to.
*Getting amazing feedback from the readers of my book Make It Small When You're Trying to Make it Big.
*Loving that my youngest cat who is by far the biggest cat can finally accept affection. She seemed clueless before. I wonder if the fact that I work from home now has been the difference.
*Making some true friends from the handmade galaxy.
*My best friend moving back to NC. We have so much fun together.
*Rachel Maddow.
*New furniture and computer arriving any day. Good-bye Ethan Allen albatross. It's been real...uncomfortable.
*Being in charge of my own destiny and working for myself.
*Discovering some amazing Etsy shops: Funktional Spa, Crocheted Little Things, Blue Pie Designs, Lavender Lore, Tattie Tats, Lynsey and Harper Confections ...and so many others.
*Throwing away a bunch of crap.
*Lopez Tonight on TBS. Watch it; he's hilarious!
*Panera Bread. You own me.
*Reading Augusten Burroughs, David Sedaris, and Julie Gregory.
*Improvements in Twitter.
*Improvement in my overall health.
*We got a good amount of rain.
*Former President George W. Bush because at least he knows when to shut up.

What me NO likey about 2009 (in no particular order):

*Still need to lose weight.
*Losing access to health insurance.
*Tea bagging haters who don't even know what tea-bagging really means, lol.
*The mysterious disappearance of Obama's backbone.
*Glenn Beck--the only right-winger who can cry on TV and not be branded a liberal.
*Sarah Palin and her Facebook psuedo-prophecies.
*Cat litter. It's too heavy and a pain in the ass.
*The inability of lawmakers to grasp the concept that we already have a Public Option for health insurance in this country. It's called Go To the ER and Don't Pay the Bill You Can't Afford. I'm willing to pay for my insurance; you just have to let me.
*Afghanistan, and our approach to fighting terrorism. It's misguided. We need fewer troops on the ground and more spies in the hot spots.
*Throwing my knee out.
*Not keeping up with this blog!
*Airport security that isn't.
*Severe writer's block. I wish they made a pill for that.
*Joe Lieberman.
*Discovering, yet again, that the minute I find the perfect perfume, moisturizer, shampoo, etc., it gets discontinued!!!
*Dick Cheney...although watching his very public slide into lunacy by way of De Nial is kind of entertaining.
*And as always, grocery shopping. The bane of my existence.

I'm sure I'm forgetting things in both categories, but that's enough for now! Happy New Year everyone! Bring on 2010!


First image is Train/print by Tosya on Etsy. Second image is Angry Mob Print by dpsullivan on Etsy.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Inventory Reduction Sale thru 1/1/10!

Snowstorm Encapsulated Silver Plated Pendant, 20% off = $13.60!

Happy Risky New Year! Take 20% off your entire order at Risky Beads thru 1/1/10. Please convo or reply to this email with your order so prices can be adjusted for you. Spend over $50 and receive free shipping as well! Earrings are still buy 3 get 1 free and you can take 20% off of that as well! Offer not valid with other discounts or coupons.

Thanks for your business!


Monday, December 7, 2009

Nifty Gifts-The Sequel

This episode of Nifty Gifts focuses on gifts for your co-workers, employers, etc.! Let's get busy! First up is Lynsey & Harper Confections and their DELICIOUS sweet treats! These ladies make some FAB-U-LOUS goodies! I bought some cookies for my mom for her birthday, and she went crazy! She loved them! They have gift baskets as well!

Next up is Shelley MacDonald Designs. Shelley makes beaded flatware, jewelry, and desk sets. GREAT gift for that co-worker who has know, like your boss!

Let's head on over to EcoTropical Crush! Check out these eco-koozies for your beverages! $10 each!

Please don't pass up an opportunity to visit the Snowman Collector! After all, snowmen don't last forever! Talk about a great idea for a Sekrit Santa gift!

Next up is beaded votive holders from CiCi's Beaded Art. Aren't these cool? Talk about original!

Meet Sweetirie. Look at these adorable zip pouches, lanyards, and key fobs! Very affordable! You could put a gift card in the pouch and make your gift a 2-for-1! She even has a unisex section and gift sets.

Last up is Miss Franny's Christmas Ball. Ornaments are a great gift! What about starting an office tradition and getting a new one for the office Christmas tree each year? What a great way to give a gift to your co-workers and save money in these tough times. She makes commemorative ornaments featuring famous lighthouses, states, etc.

Okay, I hope you're ready to shop now! Good luck and have fun! You can find all of these sellers and about 350 more at Handmade Highway! See more nifty gifties in the first episode.


Friday, December 4, 2009

SALE this weekend!

Take 15% off your order this weekend at Risky Beads! This little guy really needs a home. His name is Downsized.

these times

they are tough

as I'm sure you know

look what happened

to this guy

no bailout

for snow.

He's already had to go thru life with a horrible name and only a head, so have a why don't ya, and adopt him before he's just a carrot. :(

Sale is valid at Etsy, ArtFire, and Zibbet. If shopping Etsy, please convo first so I can adjust your price. Use coupon code at checkout at ArtFire: 15pRB. Prices are already adjusted at Zibbet. They make it easy. At Etsy, I have to do each one at a time and my shop is too big!

super sekrit: Sign up for my mailing list at time of purchase and get an extra 10% off 1 item. Just say 'sign me up' and give me your email address.


Monday, November 30, 2009

Nifty Gifties - A Handmade Holiday Night on the Town

I find some of the coolest things when I'm browsing, and I buy a lot of them, lol! Here are some that I've come across that would make a great holiday gift or stocking stuffer! First up is Deb Taylor's Secret Stash cuffs at Bluepie Designs at Etsy. These cuffs are brilliant. On the outside, they're a fashionable, trendy accessory. On the inside, they're a super-sekrit wallet of sorts. I bought 1 of these for 1 of my nieces and one for me. At $15, they're a GREAT gift. Just think--if you're going out to party on New Year's Eve, just stick your ID, your debit card, a little cash, a little protection (lol) [yes, she makes these for men, too], and your keys. Boy, will you look FAB-U-LOUS as you ring in 2010!

Now before you go out to tie one on, be sure to lather up with some Gin and Tonic Soap from Funktional Spa for $5! I personally don't drink, but now I can pretend I do in the shower. I keep falling down a lot, so maybe I should re-think that.

Now, if you get to the party and realize that they're serving Cristal champagne out of a keg and you forgot to bring your own funnel, never fear! Simply whip out this festive We Be Drinkin' painted glass from The Curious Crab for just $8 and keep the party going!

And if you're worried about the effect that the holidays are having on your waistline, never fear. Paula at Picard Creations has the answer for $4.95!

Okay, now you can't carry your phone in your Secret Stash cuff, but try this awesome ECO case set for glasses, ipods, cameras, phones... from EcoTropical Crush. Just $10! (I want those red glasses... are you listening Santa?)

Now, I know what you're thinking. You're swamped this time of year; you can barely keep track of your day time schedule , much less your evening! Well, the Java Girls have an answer for that with their Pink Pedicure Themed 2010 Pocket Planner for $6.40!

Now, if you're amazed that you even made in home in one piece, then test drive this Home Sweet Home sleep mask from BibBon for $12.

So now you have NO excuse for not being fully prepared to enjoy the holidays! Stock up and head out!


See more nifty gifties in The Sequel!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

Stocking Stuffer Mix and Match!

Now thru midnight on Wed., 11/25, earrings, bookmarks, and key chains are mix & match, BUY 3 GET 1 FREE! Bookmarks and key chains are the perfect thoughtful gift for a teacher, babysitter, nanny, pet sitter, or just about anyone else on your list! They don't have to match anyone's wardrobe and they last forever. Here are just a few samples!

Shop Earrings
Shop Bookmarks and Key Chains


Offer is valid at all shops and may not be combined with any other coupon or discount.

Friday, November 13, 2009

15% off your order thru Monday, 11/16 + FREE GIFT!

Take 15% off your order thru Monday, 11/16 and choose your free gift!

Lots of new bracelets in stock!

Need a gift for your child's teacher, pet sitter, or nanny? Key chains and bookmarks make great gifts!

Your choice of a FREE gift with purchase! Choose between these 2 floating heart pendants, a $14 value!**

Hammered Copper Floating Heart Pendant
Silver Plated Floating Heart Pendant

I can customize the wording on either of these pieces for you if you'd like to have your own message on it. Mention this blog post in notes to seller with your choice of free gift!

Happy shopping!

**free gift comes with purchase of jewelry; supplies are excluded from the free gift offer.

Gift Certificate drawing takes place tomorrow!


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