Thursday, August 27, 2009

Signs of Autumn at Risky Beads

My favorite time of year...

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Zibbet Launches New Premium Accounts!

If you're a frequent reader of my blog, you've probably seen my past ramblings about Zibbet in my post So Which Venue Is For You? Zibbet has been an up and coming venue for awhile now, and I joined their ranks last March. I've always liked it there, but now I like it even better because they're launching their new Premium Accounts.

Previously on Zibbet, it was free to list items and the commission on sales was 7.5%. Now, you can sign up for a Premium account and pay only $7/mo and avoid commission fees altogether! With a Premium account, you can list as many items as you like, change the colors of your shop, rearrange the items in your shop, choose from 4 different banner sizes (including 'Etsy' size if you want to use the one you already use at Etsy), set up shop sections, choose whether you want 3 0r 4 thumbnails across in your shop, and add all sorts of widgets like Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, etc. in your sidebar. You can view my shop to see what I've done with mine.

Zibbet has even put together a nifty video you can watch if you're the visual type like me. Just check out this article and the video is a about 1/2 down.

Here's a full run down of all the changes and an FAQ as well!


still time to enter my giveaway! closes tonight, 8/18/at midnight.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Sometimes I have a stone or bead in my midst for awhile before the words catch up with the design. I completed this piece over a week ago and then it just sat on my desk waiting for it's message. Today, suddenly, it arrived...

somehow loving you
and fearing you
bring me
i should
a doctor
about that

I cannot divulge the story behind it. I will only say...that it is a...story.


Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's Giveaway Time!--CONTEST CLOSED

I haven't done a giveaway on my own blog in a long time, so I decided it was time to jump back in! This giveaway is pretty simple. The prize is this Mulberry Wine Bracelet which retails for $36 in my shop plus a free pair of earrings ($10 or under)--your choice!!!

It's a one of a kind piece made from 8" (20 cm) of antique silver-plated cable chain adorned with 8mm rounds of red artistic paintbrush jasper wearing ornate twisted metal bead caps and vintage milky white rounds topped with gorgeous tulip bead caps. Each bead is triple wrapped directly onto the chain for durability. The piece closes with a flower-embossed toggle clasp. It will be custom sized for the winner!

You can enter up to 4 times by doing any of the 4 things below, each in a separate comment. Be sure to put your email address in each comment so I can contact you if you win!

1. Go to my shop, Risky Beads, come back and tell me what your favorite piece is.

2. Visit my new seller directory, Handmade Highway, come back and tell me about a new seller you found there that you'd never know about before.

3. Tweet about this giveaway, come back and link me to the tweet.

4. Tweet about the Handmade Highway, come back, and link me to the tweet.

Good luck and have fun!! Giveaway ends midnight on Tues, 8/18.


P.S. To link to a tweet, click on the gray text underneath each tweet that gives you the time of the tweet like: 'about 1 hour ago'. When you click that, it will take that tweet to it's own page and you can copy and paste the url at the top of the web page.


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Wordless Wednesday

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