Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Turning Over Rocks...

I'm looking for a few good stories for my columns in the Inspiration Dept. of and I'm looking for some specific types of stories/experiences. If you feel like you have a story or experience similar to what I'm requesting below and would like to be interviewed, please email me with the type of story you're responding to in the subject line. I call this post 'Turning Over Rocks' because I often find when I talk to people that we talk about one subject and then the more we dig, we actually get to the kernel of another story where the real inspiration lies, and that's what I write about.

I'm interested in the following stories/experiences about:


Collecting vintage items to sell or not to sell, the process, the choice, the places, the people, the serendipity, things you learn along the way

Making handmade supplies, the decision, the process, the feeling of seeing your parts in someone else's work, good experiences and bad experiences

Living with and/or loving another artist, waking up to someone who's still painting the same painting he was painting when you went to bed six hours ago

Commercializing your art, how it makes you feel, how it changes who you are/what you create

Fear of inspiration, being unwilling to do what you know you're capable of

the inspiration continuum, something that you experienced twenty years ago suddenly inspires what you do today


These are suggestions to get people thinking. If you feel another connection from those suggestions, feel free to email me about that as well.

Thanks, Lori

Savannah Mermaid Metal Wall Sculpture Signed Original by frivoloustendencies

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  1. I can't really help in this area but I comment because I must know where this darling mermaid came from!