Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Ordering and Shipping Times at Risky Beads

Risky Beads has gotten very busy in the last month, and I'm getting a ton of emails/convos asking for information.  This blog post is at attempt to consolidate those answers in one place and make it easier for me to concentrate on completing orders. :)

Here are the FAQs:

When will my order ship?
As of December 8, 2010, hand stamped metal pieces are shipping out in about 7 business days from date of order (and payment.)  I ship domestic orders first class mail straight out of PayPal.  Orders are trackable that way.  You'll receive an email from PayPal when your order ships.

Can I upgrade to USPS Priority Shipping?
Yes, but you need to tell me before you order.  Upgrading to priority doesn't get your order out of my shop any faster; it just moves it faster once it's out.

How long does the mail take?
Typically, First Class mail takes 2-5 days; Priority takes 2-3.  These times are stretched during the holidays due to an increase in volume.  Please consult the postal service if you have other questions.  I apologize, but I can't predict these things.

When is your international order deadline?
It was December 3rd; it's now passed.  Any international orders that come in will be done as soon as I can get to them.

What should I do if I have a question about my order?
Please message me from the 'contact' link on your order page.  That way I know who you are and what order you're referring to.  I have over 100 orders right now, so that's the best way to get to me.

Are you Wonder Woman?
God, I wish.  Oh Santa... about that invisible plane...

I'll add to this post if I think of any others!

Ho, ho, ho--

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