Thursday, July 14, 2011

Current Obsessions - July 2011

Now that the Casey Anthony trial is over (and DON'T get me started on that), I've found some new obsessions that are populating my life and unfortunately, my waistline.  First up, my summer crush is back, Big Brother.  I LOVE this show.  I'm a true fan, watching the live feeds and everything.  Is it the best show on TV? God, no.  But it's become a summer vacay for me because I get to get involved, invested, and infected with a bunch of money-hungry personalities with varying degrees of social skills.  It fascinates me.  (Plus, watching people snore is really under-rated.)  Also, I have a group of peeps that I chat with each summer so it's a big ole virtual reunion.

My next obsession is one I'm reticent to tell anyone about because I don't want you clearing out my store shelves!  These new cookies, Newtons Fruit Thins - Cranberry Citrus Oat, are the freaking BOMB.  If you like cranberry bread, you'll LOVE these things.  And I'm not alone in this; my mother is hooked, too, and even though they make 4 flavors (Blueberry Brown Sugar, Chocolate Raspberry, and Fig & Honey), the cranberry ones are always almost gone.  I'm starting to hoard these things, lol.

Finally, my latest summer indulgence is these Weight Watchers Chocolate Dipped Strawberry ice cream bars.  They're 80 calories per bar and they taste AMAZING!  I'm not one to tolerate artificial sweeteners and diet-tasting foods, so when I say they taste delish, they do! The ONLY thing I'm irked about is that apparently they have a Dark Chocolate Dipped Raspberry Cheesecake flavor that isn't at my grocery store.  Arrrgh!  I think dipping just over 1/2 the bar in chocolate and not the whole thing is pretty ingenious.  You get your chocolate fix without all the calories.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Thanks for sharing...have been craving those cranberry bars, and haven't even tasted them yet!
    Definitely will