Monday, July 16, 2012

New Designs and Long Time No Post!

Wow! This poor blog hasn't been updated since February 2012. I have a good excuse, though... I moved! I'm finally liberated from my tiny apartment and am living in a ranch house with an actual studio! I would love to show you some photos, but it's still a bit messy. I'm hoping to design in a way that inspires me, hence the nod to creativity above. It's a challenge to rethink your workspace when you're used to being so cramped that everything had to go in the one place it would fit. Now, I actually have options. It's kind of overwhelming, so for now, I've focused on making my work area functional and setting up a separate work area for my mom who'll be working for me when business picks up! I'm looking forward to getting this place running like well-oiled machine. So, in the meantime, I've made a few new pieces and added some new design stamps. Here's the new chart:

The new additions are 88-100: skull, chick, robot, swirly tree, owl, corner border, snowflake, rain cloud, ying/yang, gear, left foot, right foot, and a jar of hearts! And here's a peek at some new designs:

And a variation on a best selling design in my shop:

There will be more to come as I settle in.  Hope to be able to update more frequently.  Have a great week! ~Lori


  1. Congrats on your move! It is exciting and I bet it will have great influence on your jewelry!

  2. Such cute humor used! Good luck in getting settled!

    I moved a year ago with last location about 100 minutes away and I've still not opened all our storage or gotten it all arranged like I want. Because as soon as I start sorting and trying to organize then my hubby comes along and takes random boxes off the floor (without looking to see what's in it) and shoves them into any empty spots he sees!!! Needless to say that makes me explode...oh well good luck!