Thursday, July 19, 2012

Show your true colors with new ink options!

Somehow in all the confusion of renovating a house and finally moving in, I forgot to let everyone know about the new colored ink options on aluminum jewelry and accessories!  You'll now see an ink chart as one of the pictures on applicable pieces:

Here are some examples of pieces using colored ink...

The possibilities are truly endless.  Back to work.. this new studio won't organize itself for some reason! ~Lori

Monday, July 16, 2012

New Designs and Long Time No Post!

Wow! This poor blog hasn't been updated since February 2012. I have a good excuse, though... I moved! I'm finally liberated from my tiny apartment and am living in a ranch house with an actual studio! I would love to show you some photos, but it's still a bit messy. I'm hoping to design in a way that inspires me, hence the nod to creativity above. It's a challenge to rethink your workspace when you're used to being so cramped that everything had to go in the one place it would fit. Now, I actually have options. It's kind of overwhelming, so for now, I've focused on making my work area functional and setting up a separate work area for my mom who'll be working for me when business picks up! I'm looking forward to getting this place running like well-oiled machine. So, in the meantime, I've made a few new pieces and added some new design stamps. Here's the new chart:

The new additions are 88-100: skull, chick, robot, swirly tree, owl, corner border, snowflake, rain cloud, ying/yang, gear, left foot, right foot, and a jar of hearts! And here's a peek at some new designs:

And a variation on a best selling design in my shop:

There will be more to come as I settle in.  Hope to be able to update more frequently.  Have a great week! ~Lori