Thursday, January 10, 2013

Recent Handmade Purchases - Scarves, More Kitties, Calendars, Signs

Well, as promised, here's another round of my recent handmade purchases!  All of my previous posts can be found here.  Now that everyone in my family has opened their holiday gifts, I can chat about some of them.  And true to form, many of the things I bought were just for me!  First up, are 2 more new additions to my handmade stuffed kitties kabal!  Meet Madame Meow from S. Auman Smith's shop on Etsy.  This fabulous lady is about 1 1/2 feet tall! She looks amazing on my dresser in my bedroom and even though I couldn't sleep at first, I'm used to her all-knowing stare now!

I've also added another kitty from Marjii's shop...the golden raisin cat!  Isn't she gorgeous!

Next up is an awesome sign from SignFail that perfectly exemplifies my life within my Risky Beads empire.  It couldn't be more true!

It's gotten pretty cold here in NC as of late, so I was back buying one of my major must-haves...screen-printed scarves.  I bought 3 for myself from Rainbow Swirlz and one for my sister from ellembee.  So here's the one I got for my sister...

And here's my favorite one from my recent splurge, and no, that isn't me in the picture, lol!

And last but not least by any means are the new calendars I bought.  One for me from Modern Printed Matter, one for my assistant from Sudachan, and one for my mom from Chicks In Hats.

Here's mine:

And here's my assistant's.  She has new dachshund puppies so it's appropriate!

And here's my mom's. Please note that the artist takes all the pictures herself and no chickies are ever harmed, just adorned for a few seconds! They are beyond adorable.  I almost can't stand it!

The buying will slow down for awhile, but I'm sure it'll pick up again before too long.  Ya can't teach an old dog new tricks, ya know?


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