Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Studio Pics - Creative Bliss!

I'm so excited about the new tables for my studio!!  My grandmother's kitchen table was only going to last so long when I was hammering on it every day, so I got my handy brother-in-law to make two new and bigger tables for me, and he did a fantastic job!  So, for reference, here is a picture of the 'old' studio.  Notice the size of the table and the fact that there's just one!  This posed a problem when I hired my assistant last fall.  She had to work at a separate table that faced the window, so I spent six months talking to her pony tail, lol. (Eventually we'll take that abandoned little table and turn it into a shipping station!)

So, I designed a new work space with two tables that face each other and are buffered with a little bit of foam padding.  This way we can face each other while we work, but not transfer motion from one table to the other.  As you can see, the orders are piling up!!

So here's a picture of my side of the table with fonts everywhere and my tell tale masking-tape-recycle project wherein I refuse to throw a piece away until it has lost all of its stickiness, lol.  

 And here's a pic of Blair's side of the table which is noticeably neater than mine!  This arrangement works out so much better because we can pass tools and wisdom back and forth while we work.  Can you tell that we are in love with Handy Tape?

And here's a wider pic of the whole new setup!  We have about 30% more table space now and are very, very happy!  Which is good because we're getting busy. Having two tables also means that we can rearrange our work space if needed, like if we get tired of staring at each other, lol.

Our Mother's Day order deadline (U.S. orders) is May 1st so order now!  Lots of ideas here.

~Lori (& Blair)

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