Saturday, January 18, 2014

New Valentine's Day Gifts from Risky Beads!

Okay, love birds, time to stop swooning for a moment and concentrate on Valentine's Day because it's less than a month away!! Yikes! Please note our handy count-down clock, too! ------------->
There's no need to go into full-on panic mode, though, because we at Risky Beads have been very, very busy coming up with brand new designs for this year!  Here is a sampling of our latest creativity....

Key chains are one of our very best sellers, so let's start there.  You'll notice that we run the gambit from the silly to the sentimental.

See our Peanut Version and our aluminum version, too!

(yes, we can make a M/M one also!!)

Now let's move on to our Personalized Collar Stays which are selling fast!  They are hand stamped on lightweight aluminum and are a GREAT way to give your man a personal and private message that he can wear all day.  Personalize with your own text.

Now, collar stays are kind of tiny and sometimes you need to say 'I Love You' with a lot more words.  Well, we have the answer:  personalized aluminum wallet insert cards.  Some examples....

We've also been having a lot of fun with our leather wrap bracelets, leather cuff bracelets, and silk ribbon wrap bracelets that we launched less than a year ago.  All have become steady sellers in our shop, and here are some examples of some new designs!

(Choose from 16 colors!)

Well, that's just the tip of the iceberg...but enough for today! We've been developing more new designs this weekend and will have them up next week so stay tuned!  If you need more #valentine right now, here are some options:

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Our USA order deadline is February 3rd!!
Doing the Cupid Shuffle, Lori

ETA 1/27/14: See the next V Day post!

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