Friday, January 13, 2017

Valentines Day 2017 - When to celebrate??

Valentine's Day is a month away (already!!) and this year it falls on Tuesday, 2/14/17. Argh! Now in addition to finding the perfect gift, you have to decide if you want to celebrate the weekend before, the weekend after, or on the actual day. 

This might be the best option for those taking a whole weekend to bask in their love, but it means booking a wee bit earlier and being on top of your game. Plus, when the actual day comes, you don't want your sweetie to feel like it's already passed. Maybe that means extra flowers??

This would probably be my first choice because I hate crowds, and it would give me a little more time to plan. I mean, come on, how can we already be talking about Valentine's Day, right? The downside is what do you do on the actual day? Maybe a little teaser gift to let him or her know that something special is coming?

THE DAY OF (Tuesday, 2/14/17)
When Valentine's Day falls on a weekday, there are all kinds of things to consider. Does your significant otter like having a nice dinner during the week or is he/she too busy too relax? Do you like being at a romantic restaurant when it's packed? Can you or do you want to go easy on the wine since you might have to work the next day? Can you find a baby sitter?

Too many decisions, right? Well, now's the time to start thinking about it. 2017 is in full swing!!

Valentine's Day order deadline is January 31st (USA) orders! Have questions? We're here!!

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