Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Audacity of Ice in Five Acts

My Death of a Snowman series began in 2007 when I made Chilly Snowman and then realized that even snowmen leave survivors behind. I re-tooled the series in 2008 when some big silver bead caps that I could find absolutely no use for and was about to destash suddenly looked like my great-grandnanny's hairdo that she always referred to as her 'bird's nest.' The series is complete now--physically and creatively--as many of these beads are no longer available and because Act 5 is far too historic for me to ever meddle with.

The Audacity of Ice In 5

Act 1

and we begin where all tragedies always the end...
Behold the circle of ice.
R.I.P. Chilly Snowman

Act 2:

Like Father, like daughter. Trickle and Cicle have met the same fate.
The circle of ice is never-ending.

Act 3:

Upon learning about the slow, tragic death of his brother and his shimmering nieces, Chilly’s older brother, Skate, took it hard. He blamed himself, spending his days clinging to curbs and gutters, slowly glazing over until his crusty exterior was impenetrable. One evening a Cadillac made the unfortunate mistake of getting a little too close and paid the ultimate price.Skate knew he was in trouble, destined for a life as black ice.

Act 4:

Chip, Chilly Snowman's one and only son, took his father's melting hard, but he was determined to make something of himself, so he slowed his roll and stayed away from any reindeer games in which he might inadvertently be used as a weapon of mass destruction.

Act 5: The Final Curtain

For Frigidette Snowman, life had been all about her snowbabies and her gran-snowbabies, and now the only one left to keep cold was little Chip. But Frigidette had been through warmer times, so she plowed ahead, rolling all the way to the nation's capitol to make a personal plea to President Snowbama for Federal Ice-istance. President Snowbama's compassion was snow-verwhelming. Frigidette was immediately approved in exchange for being a permanent snowperson at the White House two months out of every year.

As a result of his SnowGrammy's love and dedication, Chip got a full scholarship to SnOhio State, and every December when he's cramming for finals, he keeps the news on hoping to get a glance of his grammy standing proud behind a reporter with frostbite.

and scene.

Refreshments are available in the lobby. It's been a pleasure.


  1. These are awesome! How did you ever think of that?

  2. Hi! Thanks so much! I'm not really sure how I thought of it. I just looked at the beads I had and that's what I saw. I'm kooky like that, lol. Glad you enjoyed!


  3. How clever, and so very pretty too. Loved the story very much. You could turn this into a dark and chilly a little too old for children children's tale.