Friday, November 14, 2008

Weesf on Marth Stewart!

So...I'm a die-hard believer in cross-promotion. In July 2008, when I was preparing to launch my Nurse Purse line, I reached out to several Etsy shops that sold unique products for moms and children in an effort to give them some exposure and my customers some awesome offers. I was in the forums one day out of boredom, and I saw Nicky from weesf in a thread. I fell in love with her shop the moment I saw it and sent her a convo offering her a spot in my promotion. Nicky's artwork is original handcrafted paper art. Each piece is cut by hand, and so no lasers or special dies are used.

I'm a fanatic about artwork for children. I decorate imaginary children's rooms in my head every time I see a talented artist. And yes, I tend to prefer The Peanuts and The Muppets over real people, but anyhoo....

My favorite pieces in Nicky's shop are On the Farm and the utterly adorable Monkeys on the Moon because come on, they're monkeys in spacesuits!

(Look at their little flag! It's so ap-peel-ing. *ducks tomatoes*)

Nicky also does an adorable line of alphabet artwork. Here's a little sample brought to you by the letters F and H.

When the first round of Nurse Purses sold out, I let everyone know they could stay in if they wanted to. Nicky immediately sent me a huge stack of coupons, and she's been on board ever since.

Nicky sent me a convo yesterday and told me that she's going to be on the Martha Stewart show on Monday, November 17, 2008! So please be sure to look for Nicky and her amazing artwork! I'm so excited for her! She deserves it!
ETA: Here's Martha's website. Click on Monday and watch the clip. You can see Nicky's hands at the very end!

Bring your flag little monkeys!

Have a great weekend!

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