Monday, October 5, 2009

Acorns-A Reconnaissance Mission

Acorn earrings are 30% off in my shop this week, so I thought I'd go on a little acorn reconnaissance mission in the Etsy search engine and see what I could find. I love seeing everyone's different interpretation and presentation of the same object. Here we go....

1. sewsewsuckertoe
2. Jamie's Jewels
3. amye123 (Note: The acorns aren't for sale in this pic. The bowl is a glass representation of a tree stump, but those acorns were too amazing to leave out!)
4. GraceFilled Hands
5. sakatagin
6. The Graphics Fairy
7. Broken Road Farm (cookies!)
8. Nixie
9. JooJooLand
10. Trampoline
11. Blissful Images
12. Amber Sky
13. Jack Rabbit
14. Adrienne Kinsella Handcrafted Goods & Artworks
15. Teachable Moments Felt Board Stories
16. LORIOLA (Isabel's Rose)
17. Paper Follie
18. Cute Designs
19. Peacock Garden
20. The Sparrow's Nest
21. Kim Sun Designs
22. The Social Seller
23. KcSoapsNMore
24. Lisa Rivas

But you certainly don't have to take my word for it! Go have a look-see yourself!
Acorns - Handmade
Acorns - Vintage
Acorns - Supplies

Yes, I'm a nut. :-)


  1. What a beautiful photo collage! Thanks so much for including my little acorn tag in the mix. Your acorn earrings are so pretty!!

  2. I LOVE Acorns. Thank you for including my soap. All of the little acorns are so lovely.

  3. Awesome! Thanks for including my headbands :)

  4. love perfectly fall

    thank you for the inclusion

  5. I love acorns too and it's great seeing that collection. :) Thank you for including my amigurumi one.

  6. WOW! What a lovely collection of acorns Lori! Thanks a lot for including my magnets! :) xo

  7. These are some great acorn finds. I'm so excited for autumn!

  8. I am nuts over your beautiful collection!
    Thanks for including my "Top Nut" here :-)

  9. yay! such a pretty collection to be a part of...xo t