Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What Little Girls Are (Hand)Made Of?

One of the biggest joys in my life are my nieces. Three of them are 7 and younger, so I have a blast buying them unique, fun, handmade gifts for every holiday and sometimes just for fun! Here's a peek at some of my most favorite purchases:

Ribbon Wands!

My nieces now have 2 each, and they absolutely LOVE these things. It's a great way for them to burn off some energy while pretending to be beautiful fairies or princesses or dancers. We play with them every time I visit them, and we wear ourselves out! As a former teacher, I really appreciate the 'open-ended' play these wands inspire. It's so much fun to see how creative the girls get.

My nieces are each getting an America Girl doll this Christmas, and boy was I excited when I found this handmade doll clothes seller on Etsy! Christine from Lavenderlore does amazing work! She's great to work with, and I know I'll be back in her shop soon! I want my own baby doll now. :-)

Crocheted Cupcakes by Crocheted Little Things

Aren't these the sweetest things? Luisa, at Crocheted Little Things, whipped these up for me. They open up like a little box so I can put some extra goodies in there for the girls!

Suzie the Grass Gal by ARTechniques - Before


These little cuties were a summertime gift. Each one of my nieces got their own grass head and together we soaked them in water and then put them in little bowls near a window so they could start growing some hair! This was a fun and easy project and they loved it!

I adore handmade soap, and I'm always sending the girls different funny soaps I find on Etsy. This whole trend started about 2 years ago with Karen's Soaps Fish In A Bag:

Aren't they hilarious? (I'm easily entertained, lol!)

Wee Vermont Fairies - Sea Fairy Mermaid Doll

No little girl's life is complete without mermaids! This little angel was a birthday gift for my youngest niece last year. She loved it!

Well, I could go on ALL day about the wonderful handmade toys you have a your disposal! I don't ever set foot in a 'real' toy store anymore. My nieces love knowing that something new and neat-o is always on the horizon. My 7-year-old niece knows how to surf Etsy now and bookmark her favorites, lol. You gotta get 'em handmade and start 'em young!



  1. Greats gifts you found Lori! Your nieces will be spoiled this year! Glad you liked my cupcakes, thank you so much for mention them!

  2. Those are awesome finds! Can't wait for my newborn niece to get a little older so that I can enjoy her as you enjoy yours. :-)

  3. You have to be the best aunt ever! I already know you are a great etsy customer, which has inspired me to finish Christmas shopping exclusively on etsy.

  4. Love those grassheads! Thanks for featuring my fish-in-a-bag soaps!

  5. Wonderful picks and I love the title! The fish in the bag are hilarious!

  6. Oh what a wonderful bunch of (handmade) finds. I just love the crocheted hat and poncho by Lavenderlore. and she's still making those on Etsy. Cool!