Monday, January 24, 2011

Recent Handmade Purchase--Jersey Screen Printed Scarves

Well, it's time to divulge some more favorite handmade purchases of late! So here's a little tidbit about me: I'm a very hot-natured person. I'm never the person sitting in a restaurant or the movies complaining about being too cold. In fact, my hands stay so warm that friends have used me as their personal heater when they come in from the cold. Because I'm always toasty, I miss out on some really cool accessories because I'm afraid if I don them, I'll explode. Well, this winter in NC has been particularly chilly; we've had more snow and wind than we usually have the entire winter, and it's not even February yet, so I decided to buy a scarf I'd had my eye on and give it a shot. Result? FULL ON SCARF-LOVE. Jersey knit scarves are light-weight because they're made out of t-shirt material, and I often just wear a scarf and no jacket because it keeps me warm enough! Here are the ones I bought...

(I bought this in black with a white print.)

(no, that's not me, lol)

I'm addicted to these scarves now because they're so super soft and lightweight and pretty. One of the really cool things about this type of scarf is that artists can print their own designs on them, so it's like walking around with warm, cozy, functional art! I have my eye on some others right now, but I'm trying to pinch my pennies.

Hope you enjoyed! Be nosy and see what else I've bought and bragged about!



  1. Thanks Lori! We're so glad you like your new Roots Tree hand printed scarf. We appreciate the inclusion amongst these other awesome scarf finds!

  2. i love the print on that first scarf!