Thursday, September 27, 2012

Recent Handmade Purchase - Spoon Rests from JulesCeramics

Wow, it's been over a year since I've done a post about what I've been buying on Etsy.  That's probably because I ended up moving and all I was buying was boxes and tape, lol.  I have a brand new and functional kitchen now and one thing that I've always wanted were some really pretty spoon rests!  I know, the things that make me happy... go figure.  Anyhoo, my new kitchen is a tableau of browns, blacks, creams, and grays and these two spoon rests from JulesCeramics look freaking AWESOME on my stove! 

First up, I wanted a big one and I have a serious infatuation with leaves, so I bought this one:

Then I wanted one that had a little more brown/cream in it, so I bought this one, too!

I really encourage you to check out her shop because she's a great seller and has some really cool and affordable pieces -- not just spoon rests!  I mean, check it out people... she even sells shoes amongst many other prettiful things!

Enjoy... and feel free to see what else I buy.

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