Thursday, March 7, 2013

Recent Handmade Purchases- Rings, Calendars, and yes, More Soap!

Time to invite you guys to be super-nosy and see what else I've bought on Etsy lately! My previous posts can be found here.  Read them! They're fun!  Let's dig in....

My ring fetish is back in full swing again.  I'm a writer in my other-other life, and I need to constantly remind myself that writing = rewriting, so I bought myself another sterling silver stacking ring from Tiny Tokens.  I know what you're make jewelry, why are you buying from someone else?  It's because I don't work with sterling silver and sometimes I like to treat myself to something different than what I make day-in and day-out. :)

I really wanted to get a set of rings with my kitty cats initials on them, so I bought 2 of these little cuties from Kathryn Reichert.  Aren't they adorable?

And to further support my author-alter-ego, I bought some cool custom pencils from The Carbon Crusader.

Next, I bought a small chipboard calendar to keep track of marketing events for my shop.  I absolutely love it!!

And finally, I gave in to my soap addiction with some new whipped soap in a jar from Anderson Soap Company!  I tried a new scent called Infinite Romance, and O.M.G. this scent is perfection if you favor fruity scents over floral.  I adore it!!

And a little peppermint, too. I love the tingle!!

Hope you enjoyed this peek behind my curtain!! 

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