Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Buy This So I Won't--Volume 1-Sweetgum Handbag

Okay, so I've decided to start a weekly column in my blog entitled: Buy This So I Won't. I think the concept behind it is pretty obvious. There are way too many things on Etsy that I'm one click away of buying, and I need to slow my roll in that department, hence, this series. So, without further ado, here's Volume 1 of what I hope will become a truly meaningful part of my week and yours!

So, this week's item is from SweetgunHandbags in Durham, NC. Kim is my 'neighbor' as my shop is in Raleigh, NC, but I met her when I was browsing on Etsy on October 12 and found this:
Tote Bag: Olive and Gold for $28!

This is the best purse I've ever purchased. Want to know why? Of course you do! I need a fairly big purse because I have issues. I need a purse that is easy to see into and scrunge around in because my purse is sort of like a junk drawer, but I also need interior pockets to protect all the things that I'll break whilst scrunging around. And I need a purse that doesn't show dirt because I'm a clutz. And it needs to look fashionable and pretty and be durable and not cost a lot. This purse is PERFECT! Look at the inside!! It's roomy! I can stash a book and a journal and a package that I'm mailing and protect my sunglasses and cell phone and not lose my freaking lip balm! It's well-made, and that's important because anytime I ask someone to hold my purse, they end up in the ER.

So, why all the fuss about a purse I already bought two months ago? Because there's another one in her shop that's black and gray and just as magnificent and only $28.00 and I want it bad, but I don't need it at all, so I want you to BUY THIS SO I WON'T. Here it is!!

Tote Bag: Black and White Stripes for $28!

The Amazing Inside!
The Amazing Random Staircase View!

Okay, so now you need to go to SweetGum Handbag and buy this bag! Buy it for yourself, or your sister, or your mother, or your aunt, or your friend, or your girlfriend, or a bag lady who needs another bag! I don't care who you buy it for, just buy it so I won't!

And if you do, convo me with the transaction # and I'll give you 20% off any piece in my shop, Risky Beads, because you just saved me some money!

Until next week, Lori
(20% offer valid until 12/31/08)

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  1. what a great idea. If I wasn't strapped for cash I would buy that so you won't! I can't wait for your next post to see what other goodies you're being tempted with :)