Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Not Exactly

Well, today wasn't exactly the day I was expecting to have. I had a doctor's appt. this morning that I had to cancel because the migraine I had last night was worse when I woke up. When it finally decided to disappear, I started packing up orders and answering emails and took my packages to the post office. I came home and listed a ton of items on ArtFire, etc.

I got a huge bead order in yesterday, so I was excited about making new bracelets tonight, but all of a sudden my Nurse Purses have been selling like hotcakes, so I had to make those instead. So all in all tonight in the course of 3 1/2 hours, I made 10 Nurse Purses, 4 Risky KIDS pieces, and 5 new pendants. Two of those are reprises of these two designs that are very popular:

Tomato Soup (above) made from a red agate gogo donut and Oceanic (below) made from a 45mm Amazonite oval donut. The ones I list tomorrow will look a little bit different than these, but not by much.

Then I had to place a new supply order. It seems like I have to do that every day. It's mind-boggling how many findings I go through. And now, I'm going to bed. Tomorrow will be picture taking and maybe bracelet time.

Later, Lori


  1. Busy, busy day!!!

  2. that's because your nurse purses are freakin' awesome!