Monday, February 9, 2009

Can you brew a little Love Potion?

**Winners Chosen--Contest Closed**
Valentine's Day is almost here! Think you're ready? Well, prove that you're up to the task by brewing a little semantic Love Potion and win this pendant:

Love Potion
I don't know what you put in my drink, but all of a sudden I have this overwhelming feeling that you should buy me dinner.

Here's how to enter:

Go to my Etsy shop and write a little love note using only the names of my pieces. You can add words like 'the' and 'a' if you like, but the winner will be the person who forms the most coherent and romantic love note using the highest number of my pieces with the fewest extraneous words. You can enter up to three times, must only use items that are currently for sale and only their titles, and cannot use the piece in the giveaway--Love Potion. Comment below with your entries.

The winner will be chosen on Valentine's Day, Saturday, February 14, 2008.

Good luck, Lori

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  1. OK I'll give it a go>>>

    LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD stole a PIECE OF MY HEART. We had SIZZLE and CHEMISTRY. She said I LOVE YOU TO DEATH. She was a RED HOT MAMA but she also was a SNAKE CHARMER. She became an ADDICTION. As was PAR FOR THE COURSE though love turned to TORMENT. I had to FLY AWAY FAST over the HORIZON. But HOLY GUCAMOLE then I met BAZOOKA GIRL. She had SUGAR PLUM SPARKLE. WHAT A CATCH she was. OH GIRL she was PRETTY SWEET like FRUIT SALAD and SWEET TATER TOTS. I was her LICORICE LOVER and she was my DENIM DOLL. I was not going to ROCK THE BOAT or go into the EYE OF THE STORM. But instead to be FROZEN IN TIME with my DARLING.

    Interesting that I wrote this as a male too. LOL.

  2. *clears throat*

    My Darling Cleopatra,

    Fly away fast, little red riding hood- to the forest cafe where sangria and mulberry wine flow. A piece of my heart - my heart of hearts - feels cranberry sauced near you, my red hot mama.

    Oh girl, you're the frosting on my sweet tater tots. Sweet like watermelon rain, like a cotton candy lifesaver- like berries in lingerie!

    I love you to death. You're my addiction. What a catch!

    xo - Sleazy