Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Desert Island Giveaway

**Congratulations!! Dancerinthemaking has won the giveaway!!!**

This is one of my most popular and sexiest pendants....Eggshells at Midnight.

Because you never knew where you stood with her... Was she there because she wanted you or because she didn't want him? Because your bed was empty or because his was full? You got better and better at lying to yourself and making it last all through the night.

Would you like to win it? Perhaps for yourself or a very special someone? Well, come on in! It's winter, and many are already dreaming of summer, so this is my Desert Island Giveaway. It runs from Tuesday, 2/17/09 thru Sunday, 2/22/09. Here's how to enter:

All you have to do is visit my shop, Risky Beads, and decide which 3 pieces from my shop you'd want with you if you were trapped all alone on a desert island and why. The winner will be chosen from a random integer generator on Sunday. You can enter only once and please leave your email address. Entries with no contact info will be deleted. Have fun!


ETA: 2/22/09 Dancerinthemaking has won the giveaway! She said:

"I would want Copper Sparkle Nurse Purse as i can put stuff in it. Crocodile Tear would be good as it's so shiny so maybe i'll be able to use it catch attention from passing planes or ships. After Dinner would help me know the time.."
Thanks to everyone who entered and stay tuned for the big ArtFire giveaway I'm hosting on my blog starting next Sunday!


  1. I would want your "Fried Bananas with Raisins and Rum" necklace, it would keep me fed. I love the colors in it and would keep my eyes focused rather than just looking at the desert full of weeds and lush around.

    The 2nd pieces I would keep around is: "Willpower". This way I can keep up my spirits and strength to keep on going on with my life and for keeping my spirits up of being captured.


    The 3rd piece: "Sugar and Spice 2 Nurse Purse", this way I can keep my keepsakes from my trip inside. I can also carry food items and sticks to use for my fire on the island.

    I hope your pendant and would love to win it.


  2. I would choose Pineapple Angst to use as a beautiful tool to carve my name into trees so that I may be found, and so I can mark my trails.
    Chocolate Cake with Pink Frosting to remind me of the delights of home and to keep my spirits up in hopes of being rescued.

    Spring Acorns to wear and feel pretty (because lack of plumbing will suck away any feelings of prettiness FAST!), and they double as a fabulous fishing with hook in a pinch!

    Thank you for holding this fun giveaway!

  3. I would pick the Mirro, mirror earrings because you can always start fires with a mirror. I would chose the Strawberry Shortcake earrings because that is always a nice light snack. Lastly, I would chose the Cotton Candy Lifesaver Necklace because if I wanted to I could use it to swim where I needed to.

  4. You realize that what this question does is get me thinking about which earrings would make the best fish hooks, right? I'd pick the Oh Girl earrings because the wires look strong, the What a Catch bookmark because I could probably file it down into a useful tool, and the Crime of Passion pendant because having several pieces of waxed cotton cord would surely come in handy.

    ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

  5. Hmmmm... what great answers others have posted :o)

    I would take the Sweet Strawberries earrings since the lovely colour would surely help me catcha fish in a pinch. I would pick the Lucky Little Ladies bracelet and hope some of the luck rubs off on me, I'm sure the sun will glint off the lovely ladybug charms for my rescuers to see. And if not, I'll take the Sangria pendant with me to drink my cares away.

    Thanks for such a fun giveaway!


  6. peidelma@calpoly.eduFebruary 17, 2009 at 9:05 PM

    Wow! You have been busy - so many new things to see. Okay, first off I would take peanut butter and jelly (food) then the Funny Papers because I will need something to read (besides who remembers silly puty these days) and last but not least Lady Luck 2 - some luck would come in handy while I wile away my time on the island.

    P.S. The little creatures you featured are cute. When my children were babies I planned to velcro them to my chest to free up my hands - maybe that would work with the monkey...timmb42

  7. Okay...I would take the following:
    Beef Stew: Definitely a comfort food and I would feel comforted on that island.
    Fried Bananas w/Raisins & Rum: To satisfy my sweet tooth which would release those endorphines to keep me calm. A little rum would do the trick too!
    The Funny Papers: I could read into each bead to keep my mind occupied that I wouldn't lose it on the island!!

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  9. Greetings! The Rebel Leaf is the first wonderful piece of jewelry I would want for my island stay! I would have to become a rebel to survive on the island. You know, like the tough women on
    "Lost!" Then, there is your A Blue Clue, the starfish stranded on the sand! Just like me, stranded. I think starfish are a thing of beauty when I see them on the sand! Finally, I would choose the Little Red Riding Hood Bracelet with the stunning matte rose. It would remind me of the spring when everything has been bleak and dreary, up pokes the spring flowers! Many thanks, Cindi

  10. i would take your mermaid tizzy because it has a sharp point and i can protect myself
    par for the course so i can rattle it to scare off the wild animals and brick house for something pretty to look at! =)

  11. Because this is hypothetical I refuse to be practical about my choices. I just want to be as cute as I can when that Navy ship comes to rescue me. That said:

    Mermaid Tizzy - To match the water and sparkle just enough to draw the eye of the sailor in the crow's nest..... yeah, I'm sure they don't have those anymore, but hey, it's my desert island.

    Crime of Passion - It's reversible, 2 for 1, nuff said!

    Rock the Boat - if the aformentioned necklaces are not enough to draw the attention of the cutest sailor on board, this bracelet is sure to do the trick! I mean, it's got anchors on it, what could be better???


  12. posting for angie66
    Desert Island Giveaway--What Fun!!
    I would choose "Summmer on the Lake 2" earrings! Because they are so pretty and do remind me of a cool breeze coming off a lake!

    I would choose "Death of a Snowman" bracelet! Because it is lovely and I love the name! I read what you wrote in the description! Cool!

    I would choose the "Sizzle" Necklace to sizzle all the snow away!! It is charming!

    Thank you!

  13. I'd take the My Little Ladybug Nurse Purse, After Dinner, and Mermaid Tizzy. I'd keep the Mermaid Tizzy in the Purse to bring me good luck and wear After Dinner to stay informed of time. Thanks for the fun giveaway!
    beatspammer at gmail dot com

  14. I would want Copper Sparkle Nurse Purse as i can put stuff in it. Crocodile Tear would be good as it's so shiny so maybe i'll be able to use it catch attention from passing planes or ships. After Dinner would help me know the time..

    dancerinthemaking AT gmail DOT com

  15. Pieces i'll choose:

    1) My Little Ladybug Nurse Purse - Cute and practical, maybe i can put food in it!

    2)After Dinner - for the time!

    3)Abstract Constellation - keep myself sane by looking at the beauty of it!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    mel_88_88 at hotmail dot com

  16. Fun giveaway!

    Ferver would be good as a tool to defend myself due to beautiful curved structure.

    Cinnamon Mint Nurse Purse to put my items that i have on me.

    A Blue Clue just for some style!


  17. Cocoa Petals Nurse Purse:
    Place food!

    Crocodile Tear:
    I love it and i can't live without it!

    After Dinner:
    To tell time.