Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What exactly IS a Nursing Necklace?

Well, it's part tool...and part treasure.

A nursing necklace is first and foremost a tool that many mothers find helpful when nursing their little ones. Some babies are very focused when they're nursing, while others are easily distracted and/or have a roaming hand that likes to pinch mommy or pull her hair and make her uncomfortable while she's trying to relax and feed. A nursing necklace can help solve that problem by giving your baby something to hold onto while nursing. There are different types as well. Some are very bright and consist of lots of beads and colors to catch baby's attention, some are suitable for teething, and some are more simple and meant to be used as a focal and anchor piece. The ones that I make fall into this category.

One of the benefits of the type that I make is that they don't look like nursing necklaces. If you're wearing one of these, I can promise you that no one is going to call the fashion police if you don't have an infant within a three foot radius of your person. Nursing mothers purchase my donut pendants just as often as non-nursing gals do because their babies like to hook their little fingers through the hole and hold on while they're nursing. The stones are smooth and cool to the touch and they have a little weight to them and it gives some babies the perfect way to get comfortable when they're hungry. It's sort of like having the perfect drink holder in your car. Everything just fits. The necklace--the color, feel, and shape--can also become a cue for your baby that it's time to settle down and feed especially if you start right from birth. A baby with a nice, full tummy sleeps better and so does her mommy!

I developed the Nurse Purse in July 2008 because moms have a lot of things to remember when they're running out the door every day. The Nurse Purse is a smaller nursing necklace enclosed in a drawstring bag that mom can keep in her purse or diaper bag so that she'll always have it with her no matter where she is. The 'purse' that accompanies each pendant is made especially for Risky Beads by Jenny Nguyen of jennyndesigns.

The Nurse Purse comes in a ton of different designs and colors and makes a great baby shower gift and I gift wrap for free! If you'd like to purchase one but don't know what color the new mom would like, I can always send a gift certificate either by snail or email! And if you have older children waiting on the new baby, you might want to check out my Risky KIDS section. Some of my customers have had their nursing necklaces borrowed by their daughters only to find them using them to 'nurse' their baby dolls so I always keep a few training pendants listed. :-)

You can find standard nursing necklaces in the Necklaces/Pendants section of my studio, and generally speaking, any stone with a hole in the middle can be used as a nursing necklace unless I specify otherwise in the listing. If you don't see something you're looking for, please ask because I have tons of stones that aren't listed. The Nurse Purse has its own section in each of my shops, and since ArtFire took their RapidCart feature live today, you can look to your right and see Nurse Purses available for purchase straight from my blog, no registration necessary and free shipping worldwide!

And now for the treasure. There will be a day when your baby grows up, and he won't need to nurse anymore. Sometimes that can be a more difficult transition for mom than baby. But remember that nursing necklace you have? It still fits, right? And it's still pretty, right? And the memories are still with it, right? A nursing necklace can be a great transition object as you and your child wean. It becomes a happy reminder of the bond you shared, and a way to help your child know that the special connection you shared will always be there...close to your heart.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at riskybeads [at] gmail DOT com.



Mother Breastfeeding Her Baby by ElizabethBonura
Pineapple Angst by Risky Beads
Sweet Simplicity 2 Nurse Purse by Risky Beads
Small Nest Box by LazyLightningArt

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