Monday, April 6, 2009

Don't Be LEFT Out!


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Last Thursday was the unexpected birthday of a new project I'd been pondering, the introduction of a new blog Lefthand Madens!  I started this enterprise to spotlight left-handed crafters and artisans in our community because I know there are a gazillion of us out there and most of us have challenging moments because of our left-handed existence--some of which are so ingrained in us, they're subconsciuos at this point! 

So I started a thread at Etsy and ArtFire to smoke out some Southpaws and I now have about 80 artists to feature on the blog and am hoping to feature about 2 a day along with other nifty left-handed trivia, info, and products. If you're interested in being featured and sell at either Etsy or ArtFire, please comment in either of those threads and I'll 'heart' you as my LHM 'shop.'  If you visit LHM at Etsy or ArtFire, you'll see all the requirements for being featured in the shop announcement for each shop.  It's basically just an interview and then the code for either an Etsy mini or an AF window.  If you sell at another venue, no problem!  Just email me at lefthandmadens [at] gmail [dot] com for the info and I'll feature you, too!

I hope you guys will go to both LHM hubs on Etsy and ArtFire, and make Treasuries and spotlights featuring your fellow southpaws! We're having a lot of fun over there and I've set up a place for you to enter our shop directory and sign up for our mailing list! National Left-Handed Day is August 13th!

Southpaws Unite! --Lori (aka Risky Beads)

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  1. I (Henry's mommy) am a lefty and I think Henry is going to be a lefty too. How's that for epigenetics?