Saturday, April 18, 2009

How to Find a Great Mother's Day Gift

The handmade revolution is sweeping the globe, isn't it? You can't log on to Twitter without hearing about twenty giveaways that are going on (guilty) or finding out about a special deal on handmade soap, and who doesn't love handmade soap? I love it so much, I've now resorted to naming my showers, "I just took a pomegranate shower, and tomorrow, I'm thinking it might be a blackberry sage morning!" Okay, I'm kidding. I would never open two bars at once.


So how do you navigate the handmade highway and find a great Mother's Day Gift because, let's face it, most mother's are picky--or let's go the peanut butter route, and say 'choosy.' So if you could sit on your mother's shoulder while she went shopping for herself, where would she go? I'll bet you that one of her favorite trips would be here:
The Succulent Wife's Guide to Mother's Day Gift Guide is a collection of hand-picked handmade gifts from every corner of the handmade marketplace. You can rest assured that the sellers in this market have quality and coveted products, top-notch customer service, and a true passion for what they create. I've either worked with and/or purchased from many of them and can vouch for them personally.

The Succulent Wife's Market is part of 1000Markets, a venue that is one of the most inspiring and forward-looking handmade venues on the scene today. It is juried but only to ensure that a seller is indeed ready for the marketplace, not to narrow the variety of products available to the customer. The Succulent Wife's Market is the perfect place to find a gift for Mother's Day as there are more than thirty sellers included in the market. I promise you that were your mother to set her virtual foot into The Succulent Wife's Market, you'd have to hire an extraction team to get her out! Once you do, let her browse The Succulent Wife's blog for details on even more Mother's Day gifts that didn't make it into the Look Book--that way she'll forgive you for calling in the SWAT team. Give The Succulent Wife's Market a look; I promise you, you won't be sorry!


Items pictured in this piece are:
Silk File Organzier by Decorative Instincts
Family Stone Pendant Fine Silver Eco-Friendly by The Pretty Peacock

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  1. Lori! You are toooooo funny! Thanks for a great review. Seriously all, you need to visit 1000 Markets to find some of the greatest, finest, stylish handmade product anywhere. See you there!