Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Memory's Not What It Used To Be

I have a difficult time remembering some phases of my life. Part of that is from years on Topamax, or as those of us who tired of it, 'Stupamax.' I took it in an attempt to regulate my migraines, but I don't take it anymore. Anyhoo, there are huge sections of the first 40 years of my life that I don't remember. I've been cleaning out my apartment lately because I have an irrational fear of becoming a hoarder (lol-thank you A&E). In the process of this cleaning, I found a box of years of canceled checks. I started to flip thru them and some of my memories returned. I'm going to use them to reconstruct my life and write about it here.

So, here goes nothing...


  1. I can't wait! Hope there are no unpleasant revelations. I have the same memory issues (but it's more like everything prior to the last 40 minutes of my life), but I never took Topamax...Oddly enough the three people I work for are exactly the same way. Four of us, with no short term memory. Makes for some VERY exciting times ("Did you file that thing with the Court?" "What thing?" "I don't know--you know, that thing!" "Oh yeah. I don't remember."

  2. Oh, I have that problem too! I've been more active on FB lately, and most of my "friends" are people I knew in high school. I have to look them up in the yearbook to make sure I really know them! And then, no clue as to what relationship (if any) we know, shared classes, ate lunch together everyday for a year...all of that is gone! And lots more since then, just no room for it in my head, I guess.