Saturday, January 2, 2010

My New Year's Nightmare

Today was one of the most insane days of my life. I awoke excited and determined because my brother-in-law was bringing new furniture I'd purchased--a new coffee table and sofa. My existing coffee table and sofa were Ethan Allen originals and 35 years old. The new sofa is a gorgeous deep dark mocha brown. Removing the old sofa wasn't easy because it's heavy as hell. We thought that would be the hard part. But no. Turns out the new sofa I got was too wide for my apartment door. We took the door off the hinges. Still too wide. There's also an artic wind blowing thru here today, so we had the door off, the sofa stuck in it, and no way to stop the wind. My friend, Brian, who'd come over to help, ended having to sit in his car to keep warm until some moving guys I called could come help us. Eventually, they decided hoist the freaking sofa up to my 2nd floor balcony and bring it in like that. Seriously.

The coffee table I purchased, my BIL didn't think it was kit, but it was. Turned out to be pretty complicated to put together. I took my friend, Brian, out to dinner for helping me and freezing his butt off, and he called me on his way home to tell me he'd gotten a flat, and he was stranded in the freezing cold dark. I changed back into my clothes from my pajamas and drove across town to pick him up and get him home.

We'll deal with the flat tomorrow. I'm exhausted!

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