Saturday, May 8, 2010

Flowers on my patio and kitties in the window

My Mom visited last weekend and we went shopping and got some flowers for my patio and a plant for my apartment. I purposely bought geraniums because mosquitoes eat me alive in the summer and mosquitoes do not like geraniums! I also got a gorgeous red begonia!

My geraniums seem to be going through transition.

My begonias are 24/7 fabulous!

I tried to take a picture of the wandering ivy in my bedroom, but it came out blechy.  I was able to snap pix of my girls...Darcy and Charlotte hanging out by the sunny window though!

Catching Charlotte awake is a rarity.  She's really sweet and really shy, so most of my friends never even see her when they come over! 

Darcy is a different story.  She's my alpha-cat with gorgeous green eyes and a 'Hit Me With Your Best Shot' personality.  Aw, I love my little girls.  Have a great weekend!


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