Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Recent Handmade Purchase-Sterling Silver Stamped Ring from Tiny Tokens

Well, it's confession time again.  My handmade soap and lotion fetish is completely out in the open, but there's another fetish I have that's less well known and that's rings!  Here's a picture of my handmade ring collection from several Etsy shops.  I've had these for a couple of years...

 Lately though, I've been in the mood for smaller rings because I smack the big ones on every thing I touch...bull in a china shop somedays around here.  So, I went with Tiny Tokens on Etsy and bought this sterling silver ring below and had it stamped to read:  EXIST * INSIST * PERSIST * because that's my mantra.  So this is 3 shots of 1 ring below:

 It was $16 and I absolutely love it.  I never take it off.  Stay tuned for details about another ring purchase tomorrow!  Be nosy and read about what else I buy.


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