Monday, October 25, 2010

3 Things Etsy Could Do to Make My Shop Run Smoother - Etsy Forum

Posted in Etsy's Idea Forum today... my pipe dreams:

1. I would just about give my right arm for a little more functionality on the backside of my shop. The combination of doing 90% custom/personalized work coupled with the 40% chance that a buyer will give me all required info in notes to seller is making me cuck0_0.

Etsy, I would kill for a little fly out box or note ability by each order so that I can keep up with who I'm waiting on, who I've contacted about payment, and extra details that need to be attached to the order.

2. A listing section that can be bulk edited to add timely promotion info, custom order lead time, instructions, etc. Since we can do a bulk edit on shipping profiles, could we add this?

3. A customizable intro to Conversations so I can remind customers (existing and new) what info I need when they're inquiring. I get so many vague convos that could be converted into sales if I could give the customer some info up front like:

I need to know what you want, what size, what time frame, where I'm shipping to, etc...

(Yes, I know there's Alchmey, but Alchemy is too cumbersome for my needs.)

Thank you for listening!


1 comment:

  1. I like all of those ideas!

    My pipe dream is being able to save your work halfway through when listing an item... I can't tell you how many times, I've been pulled away from my computer in the middle of trying to make a new listing and whoops, not only did the computer go sleep, it disconnected from the internet and lost all of the work I started earlier in the day.