Monday, October 4, 2010

Meet MiniFood and Her Sweet Treats

It's no secret that I, Lori of Risky Beads, go absolutely cuckoo when I stumble upon some beads that will easily pass for lettuce or ham or anything you might find on a menu.  When I started my Leftovers Series in the fall of 2007, I had no idea it would grow to almost 70 pieces today.  I mean, who knew Peanut Butter and Jelly could be so fascinating?  Well, today I want to introduce you to someone who makes even cooler faux food!  Her name is Huiyi Tan (pronounced Hway-Yee Tan) and she has two shops on Etsy, MiniFood and Huiyi Tan.  I am so impressed with how real her MiniFood jewelry looks, especially in its tiny scale, that I had to show you!

I asked Huiyi to give us a little insight into how and why she got into making miniature food, and she told me:
I enjoy making things for my Barbie which was my 6-year-old birthday present, such as cloths, hair decoration, jewellery, etc. The first MiniFood is originally my Barbie’s meal :) I'm a jewellery designer, maker. The ideas of use of materials and making techniques are adopted from some jewellery making process and skills which I learn at school of jewellery in England :)

 Mini Dessert Key Charms: 
The white bowl with white and yellow ingredients is sago and sweetcorn dessert.
The white bowl with green and white ingredients is white rice and mung beans dessert.
The white bowl with red ingredients is Seeds of Job's Tears and adzuki beans dessert.

Huiyi's creations are made from polymer clay, rubber, resin and other secret ingredients and sometimes take 3 days to dry.  I admire her patience and her ability not to eat them while she waits. ;-)

I don't know about you, but back in my day, my Barbies would've been hanging out together in the camper having a killer brunch with these darling little dishes.  Who needs Ken when you've got shrimp that looks like it just came out of your Easy Bake Oven?

I hope you'll visit MiniFood and marvel at her delicious treats.  The amount of care and time it takes to create these little works of art impress me...hardcore.  You can follow Huiyi on twitter here.



  1. These are too fun!!! I am all about "the food" so I relate to the draw of these pieces. Thank you for sharing

  2. Those are way too cute! I love minifood's charms. Her items always make me hungry.

  3. Hi RiskyBeads, Thanks a lot for everything! I'm really glad you guys like my creation :)