Thursday, April 28, 2011

Good-bye Steve Carell

I just watched Steve Carell's last episode on The Office, and yes, I'm in tears.  I'll really, really miss his character Michael Scott.  It's dorky, but through the bizarre power of emotional transference and because I don't work in an office anymore, but just for myself at home, this cast became my co-workers.  I was able to feel like a part of that 8-5 world that I've been absent from for 2 years (and really for years before that because of health issues I was battling.)  I know the show will try to go on, and it'll probably be fine, but it's truly not going to be the same.  Now I'll be sad every time I catch a re-run where Michael Scott rolls his eyes at Toby Flenderson for having the gall to be alive, or flaunts his bro-mance with the hot temp, Ryan, or somehow manages to bring humanity out in Dwight, the cat killer (lest we forget.) 

So, good-bye Michael Scott, and I'm only a little less saddened because Jim told you what a fabulous boss you turned out to be in your last episode, and really, he was speaking for everyone watching.  I don't know how Carell managed to turn a complete idiot into a hero, but he did.  Good for you, Steve Carell, and good for us.  You gave us 7 seasons of absolute must-see-tv.  Thank you.

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