Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thoughts on Digesting 6 Seasons of The L Word

I've spent the last month marathon-ing the entire season of The L Word, and have made a few observations about the series.  Figured I put them here because if I put them anywhere else, I'll forget where that place is, lol.  So, in no particular order... (spoilers will abound...)

First, (and this is not just the fault of The L Word, but every dramatic series of yet), when you watch a show in one whole gulp, you realize how every single episode is composed of everyone running into each other at the same restaurant and then pardoning themselves because they have to do X to get ready for a party/fundraiser/event. I need another refill of something strong to get through that tired plot device.  I realize that the easiest and often most logical way to get all your friends in one place is to throw a shin dig.  But, omg, exhausting.

2ndly, major kudos to The L Word for being heavy on brunettes!  I'm a brunette and a brunette-lover myself, so I appreciated that greatly.  In fact, I appreciated it so much that I started to truly wonder if there are really that many brunettes in L.A. where the show is set.  I kind of doubt it.  And the blondes that were in the show weren't bleach blondes, so that was another plus.  Nice and easy!

3rdly, because I watched it all at once, I was immediately able to dissect who was stealing whose jewelry.  I often found myself tiring of the constant hashing-out-of-emotions (however true to form) which allowed my attention to wander to Bette and Tina, who in the middle of a quite infamous split, were actually sharing necklaces.  Yeah, I think not.

4thly, I found the sex believable, and I only rolled my eyes a few times.  This is a feat for lesbian sex because it can be varied and boring at the same time.  If you don't understand what I mean, you're probably not a lesbian.  I thought the portrayals were genuine, and I (almost) bought Cybil Shepherd as a lez.

5thly, a real pat on the back to the writers who created the Jenny Schechter character and didn't slit her throat in the first episode.  I don't know who actually killed her or if she killed herself, but if I think about too long, I'll confess to it myself.  It wasn't for a lack of trying through my television screen.  You kind of have to hand it to writers who decide to put 98% of their plot devices into one character.  That takes balls...or apathy. 

Finally, a big hug to Olivia Windbiel who played Bette and Tina's daughter, Angie.  She was absolutely adorable and a scene stealer.  Talk about perfect casting!

That's all for now! If you have thoughts on The L Word, feel free to comment!

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