Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Cleaning My Studio

One of the things I enjoy most about being a jewelry artist is the few times a year I have time to get my 'OCD on' and reorganize my studio.  It's been a year now since I started making hand-stamped jewelry, and in that year, my studio has been revamped about three times because I'm using different tools and materials and what works for beading does not work for hammering.  LOL.  So, this weekend, I took yet another crack and reorganizing because my studio is basically 40% of my one bedroom apartment.  So, a friend of mine came over on Saturday and we rearranged the furniture yet again (much like deck chairs on the Titanic when you're in a tiny space) and I think this will work.  I bought a new media tower, put it together and then put it to use!

Can you tell I'm having a hard-core love affair with my labeler?

I'm now at the point where I wouldn't be horribly embarrassed if someone came over because I've freed my nightmare sofa from my work space, hence, why you can't see it in these pictures.  And believe me, that's a feat when you see what a gargantuan sofa I have.  (Yes, I have sacrificed my fireplace.  I used it once last winter here in NC.)

Please excuse the crookedness, lol.  I went to sleep early last night after all this organizing and basically slept through the rest of my area getting pummeled by tornadoes.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



  1. Glad this wasn't the weekend you drove to your mom's!!!

  2. I personally believe it requires a high level of intelligence to create a workable studio in a small space (I should know, my house is itty bitty too! Ha!) I didn't realize hammering in an apartment building was possible without the neighbors trying to kill you. You must do your hammering during the day when your neighbors are at work...

  3. Wish my work area was half this organized!