Monday, December 7, 2009

Nifty Gifts-The Sequel

This episode of Nifty Gifts focuses on gifts for your co-workers, employers, etc.! Let's get busy! First up is Lynsey & Harper Confections and their DELICIOUS sweet treats! These ladies make some FAB-U-LOUS goodies! I bought some cookies for my mom for her birthday, and she went crazy! She loved them! They have gift baskets as well!

Next up is Shelley MacDonald Designs. Shelley makes beaded flatware, jewelry, and desk sets. GREAT gift for that co-worker who has know, like your boss!

Let's head on over to EcoTropical Crush! Check out these eco-koozies for your beverages! $10 each!

Please don't pass up an opportunity to visit the Snowman Collector! After all, snowmen don't last forever! Talk about a great idea for a Sekrit Santa gift!

Next up is beaded votive holders from CiCi's Beaded Art. Aren't these cool? Talk about original!

Meet Sweetirie. Look at these adorable zip pouches, lanyards, and key fobs! Very affordable! You could put a gift card in the pouch and make your gift a 2-for-1! She even has a unisex section and gift sets.

Last up is Miss Franny's Christmas Ball. Ornaments are a great gift! What about starting an office tradition and getting a new one for the office Christmas tree each year? What a great way to give a gift to your co-workers and save money in these tough times. She makes commemorative ornaments featuring famous lighthouses, states, etc.

Okay, I hope you're ready to shop now! Good luck and have fun! You can find all of these sellers and about 350 more at Handmade Highway! See more nifty gifties in the first episode.



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  2. I love Sweet Irie items. I own a couple and they're the best thing evah!