Friday, December 4, 2009

SALE this weekend!

Take 15% off your order this weekend at Risky Beads! This little guy really needs a home. His name is Downsized.

these times

they are tough

as I'm sure you know

look what happened

to this guy

no bailout

for snow.

He's already had to go thru life with a horrible name and only a head, so have a why don't ya, and adopt him before he's just a carrot. :(

Sale is valid at Etsy, ArtFire, and Zibbet. If shopping Etsy, please convo first so I can adjust your price. Use coupon code at checkout at ArtFire: 15pRB. Prices are already adjusted at Zibbet. They make it easy. At Etsy, I have to do each one at a time and my shop is too big!

super sekrit: Sign up for my mailing list at time of purchase and get an extra 10% off 1 item. Just say 'sign me up' and give me your email address.


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