Monday, November 30, 2009

Nifty Gifties - A Handmade Holiday Night on the Town

I find some of the coolest things when I'm browsing, and I buy a lot of them, lol! Here are some that I've come across that would make a great holiday gift or stocking stuffer! First up is Deb Taylor's Secret Stash cuffs at Bluepie Designs at Etsy. These cuffs are brilliant. On the outside, they're a fashionable, trendy accessory. On the inside, they're a super-sekrit wallet of sorts. I bought 1 of these for 1 of my nieces and one for me. At $15, they're a GREAT gift. Just think--if you're going out to party on New Year's Eve, just stick your ID, your debit card, a little cash, a little protection (lol) [yes, she makes these for men, too], and your keys. Boy, will you look FAB-U-LOUS as you ring in 2010!

Now before you go out to tie one on, be sure to lather up with some Gin and Tonic Soap from Funktional Spa for $5! I personally don't drink, but now I can pretend I do in the shower. I keep falling down a lot, so maybe I should re-think that.

Now, if you get to the party and realize that they're serving Cristal champagne out of a keg and you forgot to bring your own funnel, never fear! Simply whip out this festive We Be Drinkin' painted glass from The Curious Crab for just $8 and keep the party going!

And if you're worried about the effect that the holidays are having on your waistline, never fear. Paula at Picard Creations has the answer for $4.95!

Okay, now you can't carry your phone in your Secret Stash cuff, but try this awesome ECO case set for glasses, ipods, cameras, phones... from EcoTropical Crush. Just $10! (I want those red glasses... are you listening Santa?)

Now, I know what you're thinking. You're swamped this time of year; you can barely keep track of your day time schedule , much less your evening! Well, the Java Girls have an answer for that with their Pink Pedicure Themed 2010 Pocket Planner for $6.40!

Now, if you're amazed that you even made in home in one piece, then test drive this Home Sweet Home sleep mask from BibBon for $12.

So now you have NO excuse for not being fully prepared to enjoy the holidays! Stock up and head out!


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  1. Thank you for including my Eye Mask and have a wonderful Christmas Season!!!