Tuesday, March 24, 2009

ArtFire Interview...Campgirldesigns

This is the 3nd interview of a featured seller participating in our April ArtFire giveaway running Wed. 4/1/09-Tues. 4/7/09. The theme is Eco-Friendly, and all of our sellers offer a 10% discount during the giveaway week and a purchase from any ArtFire shop during that week gets you an extra entry into the giveaway. Buy from a featured seller that week, and we up it to 2! Today's interview is with Alexis from Campgirldesigns. She's donating this cool upcycled pendant called Peaceful Times.

Here's Alexis:

1. Biographical info:
My name is Alexis, my husband & our 2 adorable dogs live in Kansas City, MO. I am a fairly ecelectic artist, from photography to tiaras to upcycled jewelry.

2. Who and or what inspired you to become an artist? Having a dad & granddad as architects...there really wasn't any option if I would do creative things. Creativity is in my blood!

Was there a specific event or period in your life when you decided to go this route and why? The craft director at camp showed us how to find beauty & art in everything. It obviously sunk in for me.

3. Define your craft as you see it and explain the mental and physical process you go through to create what you sell. For example, do you spend 90% of the time creating and 10% listing or 70% ruminating on an idea and 30% of the time bringing it to life? I spend my artistic time in this ratio: 70% dreaming (otherwise known as procrastination because of my need of perfection) 20% producing 10% listing

4. What purpose does your art serve in your life? Is it just paying the bills? It is a creative outlet that I hope, one day, will help change the world...in any little way that it can.

5. Are you a full-time artist or a double agent? Definitely a double agent...maybe even a triple or quadruple agent

6. What other creative outlets do you employ? Firebuilding, rockclimbing, letterboxing (it's art & treasure hunting rolled into one!), and many other outdoorsy-camp-girl-ish things!

7. Why do you like selling on ArtFire, and why is being apart of the upcoming giveaway important to you? The fact that Artfire is trying to make a difference in the environment is important to me. This helps me to achieve that goal of making a difference in the world. I'm pretty bad about promoting my own work, so this is a great way to do this with a good group of people from Artfire!

8. Tell us something about you that we wouldn’t assume just from browsing in your shop. I considered naming my shop Xcessories by aleXis. I had the logo figured out & everything...then, I realized that my favorite letter (& a favorite of most pirates) means "mature content" to most people...I didn't want to lead anyone on, because my stuff doesn't come close to "mature".

9. What have you learned about yourself by being an artist? I am fairly passionate about lots of things in my life. Sometimes I need to sit & focus on just one thing at a time, get it done, make sure that it gets to the right person to bless them! When I remember this, the dreaming part of my process gets cut & the productivity goes up - what a novel concept!

10. What have you learned about yourself by being a business person? I'm strangely uncomfortable promoting my own work. The internet has been helping me come out of my marketing-shell.

11. If you weren’t the artist you are today, what else would you be?
Well, considering that I have 2 other jobs & going to school for another...I guess I should pick from that list. Or could I just be a year-round camp counselor please?

12. What advice would give to someone who wanted to start their own shop on ArtFire or another handmade venue?
Go for it! Becoming involved in that community makes a lot of difference. Find one that fits you & your creations.

13. What flavor of ice cream are you and why?
Black Raspberry Brownie - its a combo of sweet, fruity, chocolatey goodness! You just can't resist its fun - just like me!

Doesn't that sound the BEST ice cream ever??? YUM! I wish we had that ice cream in our giveaway! (Although admittedly, I'd probably eat it and it wouldn't make it to giveaway kickoff... I'm just sayin'....) Stay tuned for another interview tomorrow!

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