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ArtFire Interview...NotMoira


This is the 9th interview of a featured seller participating in our April ArtFire giveaway running Wed. 4/1/09-Tues. 4/7/09. The theme is Eco-Friendly, and all of our sellers offer a 10% discount during the giveaway week and a purchase from any ArtFire shop during that week gets you an extra entry into the giveaway. Buy from a featured seller that week, and we up it to 2! Today's interview is with Amy of NotMoira! She's donating the perfect bag for our Earthly giveaway! The 'Love Yo Mama' Mother Earth Lightweight Canvas Tote Bag!

Here's Amy:

1. Biographical info:

I'm Amy. I live in west central Alabama with my husband and our cat Cosmo. I spend my evenings surrounded by piles of papers and envelopes, and I entertain myself thoroughly with my cardmaking. My cards are sort of out there and in yo face, which is exactly opposite of the way I am in real life. If I think it and don't have the balls to say it, chances are it's going on a card. Recently I've decided to branch out and add these thoughts to gift tags and canvas bags.

2. Who and or what inspired you to become an artist? Was there a specific event or period in your life when you decided to go this route and why? Was it the right decision?

I don't consider myself an artist, just a crafter. An artist in my mind is someone that has true skill, ha. My aunt is a true artist and she does unbelieveable drawings. I have none of her skill. At all. Even my stick figures are sad. That being said, I have always liked to be crafty and make things, even if they do turn out ugly. We still have some of my "pottery" that I made in art class in school... bless my mother... basically they let me form a big blob, fired it, then called it a bowl. And the clay figure I made? Ugliest crap ever. Seriously. As far as inspiration for my current crafting goes, I just take from situations that I'm put in. People are ridiculous and they are my inspiration, lol.

3. Define your craft as you see it and explain the mental and physical process you go through to create what you sell. For example, do you spend 90% of the time creating and 10% listing or 70% ruminating on an idea and 30% of the time bringing it to life?

I am sort of a nutcase when it comes to making my stuff. I don't have any rhyme or reason to my crafting, really. I will go a few days without making anything, then all of a sudden I have 4 ideas that need to be brought to life, so I'll spend several hours cranking those out. As I said before, the random situations I find my in are most of my inspiration, so a lot of times I'll jot down an idea and throw it in my bag if I'm on the go. At night I'll gather my scribbles of snarky lines or witty remarks.

4. What purpose does your art serve in your life? Is it just paying the bills?

My crafting is a big part of my stress relief. I am currently in a profession that I wish I never went into, so I pretty much hate going to work every day. Coming home and being my true self and putting what I really think on paper makes me feel good after having to attempt to act like a professional all day! I wish it was paying lots of bills!

5. Are you a full-time artist or a double agent?

I only wish I was full timing! Or even part time crafting/part time day job, I'll take whatever I can get to get out of the fresh hell that is my day job, lol.

6. What other creative outlets do you employ?

I am good friends with my hot glue gun. I like to make all sorts of things, especially holiday related items. I made an easter egg wreath last year, and it's on my front door right now. It's pretty darn cute.

7. Why do you like selling on ArtFire, and why is being apart of the upcoming giveaway important to you?

ArtFire cuts the crap, and I like that! No sellers fees = happy woman! They seem to really listen to what sellers want. I am glad to be part of the giveaway because hey, who doesn't like to win stuff? I'm glad to contribute something that somebody else's prize. Maybe I'll win something good one day.

8. Tell us something about you that we wouldn’t assume just from browsing in your shop.

Well, like I said before, I am so not very outspoken in life. My close family and friends see that side of me, but most people that I am around don't get it at all. I'm a people pleaser. I'm smiling at you and thinking you're the biggest douchebag all at the same time. I am also pretty sensitive and get my feelings hurt way easier than you'd think. I can down a margarita like they're going out of style, but you may or may not have assumed that by looking at my stuff.

9. If you weren’t the artist you are today, what else would you be?

I'd still be me, but even more boring, if that is even possible.

10. What advice would give to someone who wanted to start their own shop on ArtFire or another handmade venue?

Go for it, but be original with what you're trying to sell or you'll just blend in with all the other stuff like yours. Really look at your stuff with a critical eye. I have to ask myself "Does anyone really want this crap? I mean really." If the answer is yes or even maybe, then I go for it.

11. What flavor of ice cream are you and why?

Ben and Jerry's Turtle Soup. A little nuts, a little chunky, a whole lot of deliciousness.

Thank you, Amy. That was absolutely hilarious. I was laughing my head off at number 3 and by number 9, I peed on myself. So, yeah, thanks a lot for that, Amy.

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See you tomorrow with another awesome interview!!! ~Lori

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