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ArtFire Interview...MeaCulpaBodyandBath

This is the 5th interview of a featured seller participating in our April ArtFire giveaway running Wed. 4/1/09-Tues. 4/7/09. The theme is Eco-Friendly, and all of our sellers offer a 10% discount during the giveaway week and a purchase from any ArtFire shop during that week gets you an extra entry into the giveaway. Buy from a featured seller that week, and we up it to 2! Today's interview is with Jasmina of MeaCulpaBodyandBath. This will be the 2nd giveaway Jasmina has participated in, and for this giveaway, she's donating her wonderful Unscented Body Yogurt with Goat's Milk!

Here's Jasmina...
1. Biographical Info:

Hi :-) My name is Jasmina (but pronounced as if the J was an Y), married with 2 kids and 2 dogs....I came to the States from Macedonia 10 years ago and at times its still difficult adjusting in Michigan. I am making bath and body products, hair care, skin care, facial care etc and I am trying to make them as natural as possible! I believe that we need to get in touch with Mother Nature again - we became way too separated!

2. Who and or what inspired you to become an artist? Was there a specific event or period in your life when you decided to go this route and why? Was it the right decision?

Money crisis to be honest. That was my inspiration - I had to start doing something to bring extra income - however small or big! I am a stay at home mom and one of my kids is still not at the school age, so I cant really go and work. Had to think of something. Soo, aromatherapy was a thing that I was already using - to soothe my children when they were sick - so I though, why not start making more variety and start selling!

3. Define your craft as you see it and explain the mental and physical process you go through to create what you sell. For example, do you spend 90% of the time creating and 10% listing or 70% ruminating on an idea and 30% of the time bringing it to life?

Its always different. Some days I am mostly on the computer, some days I don't do anything because I need to rest my brain from all the craziness etc...but I can say that I spend more time on the computer investigating, researching, promoting, listing, working on photos etc than I do creating.

4. What purpose does your art serve in your life? Is it just paying the bills?

At the begining thats what it was - just trying to pay its more than that - I want to bring joy in peoples lives too, I want a win-win situation where both sides get something out of the sale. I want to be able to help people with day to day little skin dilemmas and its very satisfying when I hear the feedback - I feel like finally there is purpose to something :-)

7. Why do you like selling on ArtFire, and why is being apart of the upcoming giveaway important to you?

One of the reasons that I like selling on ArtFire is that people have a choice of NOT opening an account to buy something. The other reason is that the whole community is just so nice, that even when I tried to leave - I just couldn't :-) This giveaway is special - its Earth friendly, its green, the message it tries to convey is something that everyone should pay attention to.

8. What have you learned about yourself by being a business person? What have you learned about others and/or society?

It can be dog eat dog world! And I am so naive and gentle, that I have a hard time fighting for my would like to give my stuff away for free rather than take money :-)

9. If you weren’t the artist you are today, what else would you be?

I really dont know....maybe a healer? For free of am a Reiki II practicioner, so most likelly I would have gone off to share the healing energy and to learn more about expanding it.

1o. What advice would give to someone who wanted to start their own shop on ArtFire or another handmade venue?

Arghhhh......patience, socialize, promote, be classy, dont be pushy and again - patience! Dont give up, Rome was not built in one day!

11. What flavor of ice cream are you and why?

Ahhhh......and I was JUST thinking of ice cream, damn it! Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla! I dont know why, dont ask - I just love it :-) I still havent found a good creamy walnut and/or almond ice cream here in USA....gotta go look :-)

Thank you, Jasmina, for a great interview. Those of you who are also artists & crafters, I know you empathize with Jasmina on question #3. I do. BIG TIME. And I can totally relate to #8. I have the same problem sometimes. It's weird, isn't it?

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See you tomorrow with another awesome interview!!! ~Lori

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