Monday, March 23, 2009

Dear Hollywood,

It just now dawned on me, the win-win-win idea to pull this entire country out of its economic slump. You can have this idea for $249,999.00 because I don't want to pay rich people taxes. Here it is:

Wall Street/Main Street Life Swap

That's right. America's new reality show is here. A CEO from some sector of the Financial Services Industry swaps lives with a hard-working, land-loving soul from middle America for 1 week. Both participants live the other person's life and at the end of the week, the CEO flies back home with the other guy's family and tells his employees all about his experience and what it was like to live this guy's life and do his job and provide for his family without the use of an assistant or Power Point presentation. Then, the CEO and his family fly back to the heartland where the regular guy tells his community the same thing about living the CEO's life and providing for his family, and he has to wear a suit and tie while giving the presentation and can't stand anywhere near a pick up truck. And there's no gender bias in this show; there's plenty of room for women to swap, too.

Win-Everybody who's not a CEO


ETA: If Joe-the-Plumber is involved in this is any way whatsoever, I will sue your private jet out of the sky.

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  1. Hahaha... Thats a good idea!