Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Only Option Left

Tonight is a very important night, the President speaks to the country about health care. I was driving around town the other day running errands, thinking to myself that, drat!, I forgot that I needed to stop at the grocery store for something. I hate grocery shopping, so I was trying to rationalize why I didn't really need to stop there. Couldn't I make it one more day?

That train of thought made me think about health care for some reason - probably that whole wait one more day more more presidential election thing, and I was headed to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions. My health insurance (via Cobra) ends on October 15. I've spent a lot of time making phone calls trying to figure out which meds will be affordable without insurance and which won't. ( I have chronic migraines that make it all but impossible for me to work for anyone but myself. They've gotten much better now that I work for myself, but I still have to have medicine.) So, while I was thinking about this and stopping at the pharmacy and not the grocery store, I started to wonder, why am I even allowed to go to the grocery store? I mean, I'm not insurable after October 15, so why should I have the luxury of shopping for food? Shouldn't I have to buy a weapon and just start hunting? And why do I even have a car? Shouldn't somebody take it? And a roof over my head? Ridiculous! Somebody should just come to my house and toss me and my beadage right out into the street!

Oh, stop being ridunkulous, you're probably saying. You can still buy your drugs without insurance. Well, yes, but not the really important ones. I'll be jonesing in front of Glaxo for those. And it's no big deal that since I already have this condition, any other bug I get on top of it, is extra problematic, so if I can't afford to see a doctor about that, then BONUS POINTS FOR ME! I don't know how I'll adjust about October 15th. I'm so used to donating 90% of my earrings to BCBS of NC so they can tell me that the medicine my doctor prescribes isn't good for me that the shock alone might do me in.

So, Mr. President, please remember that I'm just a person who lives a regular life, who goes to the grocery store and drives a car and pays rent and works for herself and oh yeah, I need affordable health care. I'm happy to pay for it; I'm not asking for anything free, just some access. Please?

I'll pick something up at the grocery store for you if you want.



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  2. I just stumbled upon your blog tonight and find it very interesting and thought provoking. This post and your previous post about health care are very well written and I agree. I'm a military brat and often wonder what is wrong with government health care in they eyes of the general public. But I've tried reading the bill and I've read blogs, listened to the news and I understand about all of the unnecessary garbage in it. I wish these politicians would clean up the industry. There has got to be a way to do this without going into further debt. Write the bill in plain English and leave out the backscratching pork and then maybe the public will trust and support them. Right now, I just don't trust any of them and that is a sad state of affairs.