Sunday, September 27, 2009

Can you Zibbet it just a little bit? Win a FREE Zibbet Premium Account!

Yes, you can! If you've been a reader of my blog, you know that I have a shop at Zibbet and have sung their praises in two separate posts here and here. Zibbet is a young venue, but I truly like the vibe there, and the owners are very down to earth people who respond to you lickety-split!

One of the great things about Zibbet is that you can open a shop for free and list up to 25 items! That's a great deal for a free account. Zibbet has just launched their Premium Accounts at $7/mo. and for that price you can list unlimited items, customize your shop colors, choose from 4 different banner sizes, put widgets in your shop such as your Etsy mini or your Twitter feed, post video, rearrange your entire shop, and choose which feedback you want to appear! The $7/mo. is an introductory price; the regular price will be $15/mo.

Now, $7/mo. is a fantastic deal, but Zibbet is letting me give away a FREE Premium Account for life right here in this little post, so if you'd like to win a FREE Premium Zibbet Account for life, then you need to go to Zibbet, find an item you like, and come back and link to it in the comments. Be sure to leave your email address as well in case you win.

If you'd like an extra chance to win, then tweet 'I Want A Premium Account at Zibbet' and then come back here and comment with a link to that tweet, again, with your email address.

The winner will be chosen next Sunday night at 9pm, EST time! Good luck and let me see you Zibbet it just a little bit!



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  2. Oops, sorry about the above post... I made a mistake so deleted it and started again.


    I think this Hand Blown Glass Holiday Ornament on Zibbet is especially beautiful:

    I tweeted here:

    My email:

    Cheers :-)


  3. OK call me shallow but I have neve grown out of Pink!!! My fave item is practical and awesome Try this. Gotta love it!

  4. Ok, this is pretty cool:

    My email:

  5. This is perfect for me, fits my style exactly!

  6. Hi Lori! This is a great offer. I like the Aqua Acorns shown here:

    My email is:

    Thanks! Jewel

    Now to got Tweet about this deal...

  7. Hi Lori,

    I have picked an adorable solderd pendant for
    Halloween..just love this time of year.

    My email is


    I just Love her Art!:)

    I also have just set up a zibbet account

    Thanks so much for the Info

  9. This espresso set is gorgeous! I've always had a thing for beautiful ceramics…

    And here's my tweet:

    Thanks, Lori!

  10. Oops... email...

  11. I love this little baby pumpkin hat

    Here is my tweet:

    my email is

  12. I love these earrings!

    Here's my tweet:


  13. i love this pendant:

    And ive tweeted as well:


    Thanks :) love zibbet!

  14. Hi Lori!
    Thank you for this giveaway :)

    My favorite, I think, are these expresso cups- so pretty!

    please, contact me at joannasphotography[at]


  15. I'd like to win a FREE Premium Zibbet Account for life. This is an item I like along with the link:


    I really like this necklace! It is a great color!!

    To get in touch with me...

  17. I decided to look around where I normally wouldn't, mainly because I have more taste than money - lol.

    I found this absolutely GORGEOUS quilt that so matches my personality! If I could magically wave my wand and choose one thing to buy on Zibbet, this would be it:

    Oh, and I do want a FREE Premium Zibbet Account for life, too. ;-)

    For my extra chance to win, I RT'd your tweet about the contest at