Monday, April 19, 2010

Project Active - I have to start exercising!

I have to exercise every day, and now I'm going to blog about it so that maybe I'll actually do it.  I always get started and then hit a setback and then take a month to ponder the setback and then start up again.  Do you exercise every day?  What do you do?


Witty and Cuddly Fleece Blanket by Ash Tree Creations


  1. Since moving here, I haven't exercised, which isn't good:-( The blanket quote in your photo is perfect. Wait, isn't typing exercise? My wrists must be in great shape, lol! I wish you much success, and look forward to reading about your exercising journey:-)

  2. RE exercise... I exercise most days. The key is to find something you love. I love to dance, and I love ZUMBA. (google it). You've probably seen it on ... as seen on tv, Beto Perez selling his dvds for big bux. I teach a senior/beginner version (45 minute class) and just love it, one day a week. I also practice/teach yoga and Silver Sneakers. So I keep active, but also do my own personal workouts with weights. Oh, did i mention I love step aerobics. BTW, I've been exercising since my 20's and am now 61, feel great and dr. says all blood numbers are perfect. So, I guess it works :-) Just do it, find something you love, do it first (get it out of the way) and begin your day.

    Best of luck to you, Lori!


  3. I like to bike (if I bother taking it out, I like going at least 15 miles on it). I like rollerblading (5-6 miles is a nice little trip & any more in this summer heat is pushing it). And about 2-3 times a week I drag my butt to the gym and run/jog for a half hour (ends up being between 2.2-2.5 miles most days) & weights (upper body/back stuff, mostly). I usually end up walking a lot during the day, too, because my classroom is about a quarter mile from the bathroom and copier.