Thursday, November 11, 2010

Notes to Seller on Etsy -- What is it? Where is it?

If you're a newbie when it comes to shopping on Etsy, and there are a ton of you according to Etsy's latest weather report for November, you may have seen a similar message in a particular listing:

Please leave all customization requests, color, sizing, other preferences in notes to seller at checkout.

Etsy sellers use this method to give buyers options and flexibility as we really don't have another option, like a drop down box during checkout to choose a size, flavor, color, etc.  But where exactly do you leave this information?  It's simple... in step 3 of checkout:

When you leave your requests there, they show up on the back side of the seller's shop where all of our orders reside.  (I like to call this land Etsy-topia, lol.)

So, see, it's super easy!  Happy Handmade shopping! Only 43 days til Christmas....


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  1. Such handy info to have! Thanks for getting the word out to buyers!