Monday, September 30, 2013

A Little Packaging Design Fun for the Holidays!

Packaging orders and shipping them out is actually one of my favorite things!  There is just something about wrapping things up and putting labels on things that makes me uber-happy.  I think it appeals to the OCD-ish side of me that likes repetitive crafty tasks.  This year I decided to try something new....

I was having all sorts of quality issues with the jewelry boxes I was using, namely that they kept coming covered in dried glue. We were having to do so much work to clean them up that it wasn't worth it anymore, so I decided to switch to flocked velvet-like bags.  Once I did that, though, I needed some sort of insert card that would provide stability to bracelets, necklaces, and even serve as care instructions or a gift tag when needed. So, I started designing!  I began with my basic business card:

I kept my trademark syringe and relocated some text for a simple, classic card that leaves me enough room to apply a care instruction sticker or to write a gift note:

Then I started goofing around in a graphics program and created a card to use for summer into fall.  It looks really bright, but these are printed on matte business card stock, so it's actually more muted and doesn't burn your retinas, lol.

Next, I created a basic winter motif using a variation of a HOPE filter reminiscent of those Obama posters:

And then I went a little rogue and made one that's truly Christmas-y:

I can't wait until November when I can break out the  holiday ones! So now, I love shipping even more... as if that was even possible!

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