Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Audacity of Expectations-An Open Letter to President Obama

Dear Mr. President,
Today, I'm struggling with many mixed emotions about your Presidency. I have been a fervent supporter of you since the night you spoke at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. I looked right at my television and said, "That guy's gonna be president." And make no mistake, the win you pulled off was beyond inspiring. You made me believe that 'Yes, We Can' really meant something...finally. I never doubted your ability to lead this country...until now.

My disappointment isn't so much with the speed of reform; I realize that Washington, DC is a proverbial rock pulling everyone to the bottom over and over and over again. My disappointment is with you because when you told us, "Yes, We Can!" I assumed that you meant you'd still be a part of that 'we.'

We who 'can,' can do anything. We can pass healthcare, make a dent in global warming, discipline Wall Street so that it doesn't become a leach on our collective self, repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell asap, deal with our ridiculous wars, and create jobs to stop the heartbreaking foreclosure and unemployment rates. We can, but not without YOU.

Everyday, I receive at least 1 email from liberal groups requesting donations to keep everyone's feet on the public option fire. Your base is out there trying to finance the true message about health reform, and you're not helping us. Money is very tight, Mr. President. Can't you help our dollars go a little further in this regard or better yet, step up so that those of us struggling in this economy don't have to finance your back bone?

You were carried into office on a mandate made and yet you don't champion it. Health care is the defining 'issue' of your Presidency, and you're content to blend in with the Senate leadership. No one wants to hear about bi-partisanship or compromise. Sure, we can all get behind those ideas, but NOT when you're not out there defining them. I feel a bit cheated--like we elected you assuming you could stay front and center, and then watched as you got to White House and began treating your Presidency like a pre-existing condition.

The elections held last night in Virginia and New Jersey... I hope you paid attention because your base didn't turn out. We're still here, but why should we be compelled to fight for Democrats when you're not fighting for us? Like it or not, you're our leader. Don't try to hide behind the curtains. This isn't a puppet show; these are people's lives. If the Democrats fail on health care reform, it will start a mudslide and pull down every other issue you promised to addressed. Show up, Mr. President. Please-before it's too late.

Lori Ward

Artwork is The Hope Mobile by CarrieTaylorPhoto, YES WE CAN clasp from corinegrant, Rosa Sat Blue by risamay.


  1. Thank you for featuring my work!

  2. I'm going to remain positive and hopeful that the President will stop BS'ing and playing politics and get the ball rolling on his campaign initiatives. The outcome of yesterday's elections were no surprise to me. I just hope this was the slap this administration needed to get moving...

  3. Agreed. The outcome was no surprise to me either and if losing is how you get Obama's attention, then that's fine. Something has to...