Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mesmerizing Miniatures

Lately, I've been pining for my childhood again... Oh, doll house, were Etsy only around back then...

Bold and Bright Bunk/ Twin dressed beds, dollhouse miniature,Deb's Minis, $34.95

I call top bunk! It's mine. I called it before you did.

If I had storage crates in my doll house... would my organizatoinal OCD shown up a bit earlier?

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. very cute items! those little parfaits are the cutest, wouldve loved all these as a little girl!

  2. TOO COOL!!!! The cheese board is AMAZING! and the ice cream parfaits...I found a seller on Etsy (or was it ArtFire?) who did miniatures exclusively for witch houses! She did spell books, tiny crystal balls, cabinets full of potions and herbs. I could get seriously obsessed with stuff like that! thanks for the whimsy.